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  • Sour grapes for Beijing's wine drinkers

    2010-06-01 11:08

    Robert Louis Stevenson is often and fondly attributed to saying: "Wine is bottled poetry."

  • Zoo animals on menu in bad taste

    2010-06-01 10:56

    The Chinese people have a reputation of being able to eat anything - whether it walks, crawls or slithers. The only thing they won't eat with four legs are tables, and the only thing that flies they won't eat are airplanes, or so says an old Chinese saying.

  • Strategy makes mass transit a moving

    2010-06-01 10:56

    I differ in many ways from most laowai living in Beijing, and one of them is my heavy reliance on public transportation.

  • Spoiled to death? Unlikely

    2010-05-31 11:19

    Exploited workers are right to expect better treatment A pair of articles in Friday's China Daily quotes two Beijingers about the lives of factory workers in the light of the suicides at Foxconn in Shenzhen.

  • Flag raising is a special bond

    2010-05-28 07:51

    I have two sets of photographs documenting my patriotic pilgrimages to see the sunrise flag-raising ceremony at Tian'anmen Square.

  • Orphans need stability,love

    2010-05-26 11:47

    Sometimes I read some very silly things in a newspaper. I read about how killers are always insane and never simply angry, how the male bra business is perking up, and recently how police were puzzled why a man was hiding in a well. Apparently, he also had mental problems.

  • Rentals to ease gridlock

    2010-05-24 12:15

    I've railed, long and hard, in these very pages about what I consider to be the bad driving habits of some Beijing motorists.

  • Singing opera house blues

    2010-05-21 07:53

    It's summer and, along with gorgeous flora, the Beijing arts scene is blooming. Music festivals in the parks, visiting dance troupes, and theater productions are all there deliciously waiting for the partaking.

  • Now is not the time to moan; take action

    2010-05-21 07:53

    On Don't moan, get used to it

  • Invisible people, unknown countries

    2010-05-20 07:58

    I have often wondered what goes on in the minds of Beijingers with the kind of awkward attention I receive on the streets and in supermarkets. I got some clues after reading Ma Chao's contribution in the China Daily of May 8-9.

  • Hawaiian haste great advice for city's speedsters

    2010-05-20 07:58

    Here's one of my typical days in Hawaii.

  • Tourism tips out onto street

    2010-05-20 07:58

    The Summer Palace - a place of beauty. There are few attractions in Beijing that one can truly enjoy as much. Located to the northwest of the city, it is the largest and best-preserved imperial garden in China, and comprises fantastic buildings and a huge lake surrounded and partitioned by bridges and gardens.

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