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  • Confession of a linguistic spy

    2010-03-18 07:55

    Yes, I am guilty. Put me up against a wall and hang a wooden board around my neck. Let all around know of my crime of linguistic imperialism.

  • Close encounters of the weird kind can be unsettling

    2010-03-18 07:55

    In the summer of 2008 I enrolled in a German language class in Berlin. The school was a 40-minute ride by tram from where I lived. To save on travel expenses and to get some exercise, I bought a used bicycle at a flea market.

  • Tips for finding a stress-free 'shelter'

    2010-03-18 07:55

    Psychologist Abraham Maslow in his seminal psychological paper A Theory of Human Motivation introduced the hierarchy of needs, which ranked human necessities in a pyramid with the physical fundamentals of food, clothing and shelter on the bottom. Why? Because without them getting to those other tasks, such as feelings of belonging and self-actualization, would be impossible to meet.

  • Local hospitals healthier than in LA

    2010-03-17 07:56

    Just in case some of you foreigners (Americans) don't have universal healthcare coverage, and sweat when you contemplate paying for sudden illnesses, I feel duty-bound as a fellow human being to share the good news.

  • No tears for cheated cheaters

    2010-03-17 07:56

    My patience wore as thin as Donald Trump's comb-over after I read recently about people who ran to the authorities in search of justice after their own attempts to beat the system left them out-of-pocket.

  • Vanishing bookstores speak volumes

    2010-03-16 10:42

    I am not a bookworm, but I like going to bookstores more than anywhere else.

  • Long road ahead for emissions

    2010-03-15 11:09

    Expatriates who have lived in Beijing for a long time have recently been squinting with disbelief when looking at the sky.

  • Diversifying the drinking culture

    2010-03-12 10:26

    Chinese drinking culture consistently makes the news, whether it's deep interest from the Western observer or chastisement from a native viewpoint, it's certainly forever appealing to discussion.

  • Fight against mums, officials

    2010-03-02 13:38

    There was an interesting story last week about a woman, asking to be known as Vivian, who advertised online for a man to pretend to be her boyfriend while her mother visited her.

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