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BAIC set to be a major Daimler shareholder

[2015-08-31 11:09]

Hong Kong-listed BAIC Motor is expecting to make history in China's auto sector, as it is in the process of becoming the country's first automaker to form a crossholding alliance with an international auto group.

Toyota to restart output in Tianjin

[2015-08-27 08:01]

Toyota Motor Corp is beginning trial production of cars at its China plants that were shut after explosions in Tianjin, the first step in reopening the facilities following a two-week closure, people familiar with the matter said.

Controversy continues over car-hailing apps

[2015-08-24 10:54]

Several ministries including the Ministry of Transportation and the National Development and Reform Commission summoned the car-hailing companies Didi, Uber, CAR and Yidao to a meeting.

New-energy BAIC car plant opens in Qingdao

[2015-08-24 10:42]

Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation, or BAIC, unveiled a new-energy vehicle plant in Qingdao, Shandong province on Aug 20.

Infiniti joins TV race celebrity competitors to support charities

[2015-08-24 10:23]

Together with five teams of "Gan Ai", or Dare to Love, stars who took part in the show, Infiniti donated 5 million yuan ($781,775) to One Foundation, the China Development Research Foundation and the China Foundation for Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment.

Hyundai reshuffles execs following sales slumps

[2015-08-24 10:22]

Hyundai Kia Automotive Group announced a major reshuffle of senior executives last week. The moves were seen as a rescue attempt for the automaker's sluggish business in China after its sales performance continued to drop.

Qoros hopes re-established brand will boost performance

[2015-08-24 10:20]

Qoros is expecting better sales performance now it has made its brand strategy clear. It sold less than 7,000 vehicles in the first seven months of 2015.

Chengdu gears up to host motor show next month

[2015-08-24 10:19]

The Chengdu Motor Show, one of the largest and most influential auto shows in West China, will run from Sept 5 to 13 at Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Car losses in Tianjin become clearer

[2015-08-24 10:18]

More than 10 days have passed since massive explosions rocked the port of Tianjin on Aug 12 and some automakers which have a presence near the site of the blasts have released new information.

GM China JV builds new energy vehicle plant

[2015-08-22 10:47]

SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co on Friday started construction of a new energy vehicle plant with the intention of turning out 200,000 vehicles each year.

Toyota may divert car shipments

[2015-08-20 11:08]

Toyota Motor Corp is looking at diverting shipments to Dalian and Shanghai ports from Tianjin, China's main car import terminal, where operations have been indefinitely disrupted after the massive explosions last week, according to a senior Beijing-based company executive.

Consumers welcome tweaks to auto maintenance industry in 'disarray'

[2015-08-17 13:49]

In recent years, as car ownership in China has risen, so has the need for auto maintenance services. But many consumers have complained about a lack of transparency in services and the arbitrary imposition of fees in the auto maintenance and repair market.

Audi firm on growth in China, plans to offer entire portfolio

[2015-08-17 13:48]

Audi AG remains firm on its growth course in China and says it will offer its entire product portfolio to local customers over the next couple of years, although the company's deliveries in its largest single market have lost steam this year.

Infiniti and Diaoyutai make perfect match

[2015-08-17 13:45]

Dongfeng Infiniti and Diaoyutai State Guesthouse announced a strategic partnership on Friday, a key move as the premium carmaker and China's prestigious guesthouse are stepping up their efforts to protect the environment and promote their brands.

Weakened yuan expected to help nation's car exports

[2015-08-17 11:28]

After a three-day sharp slide in the renminbi exchange rate against the US dollar, some industrial experts and auto executives are reportedly expecting the lower exchange rate to stimulate more vehicle exports.

Online traders tap into used car market and improve transparency

[2015-08-17 11:24]

Used car trading website announced this month that it raised C round funds in April, a year after it was established, to became the fastest fundraiser while its peers spent years gaining A round funding.

China Unicom sets up auto networking firm

[2015-08-17 10:05]

According to, China Unicom recently registered a subsidiary with 170 million yuan ($26.5 million) in registered capital.

Success rate to win electric car plummets

[2015-08-17 09:32]

According to, a record 9,448 people vied to win license plates for a new-energy car in the last round of Beijing’s vehicle lottery, with the success rate dropping to 40 percent.

Foreign automakers feel force of Tianjin explosions

[2015-08-17 08:04]

The massive explosions in the port of Tianjin on Wednesday night destroyed thousands of imported cars that were waiting to be distributed.

Almost ten thousand new cars ruined in Tianjin blasts

[2015-08-14 15:37]

Almost ten thousand new cars were ruined following powerful blasts in the northern Chinese port city of Tianjin, with Renault and Volkswagen suffering the most.