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Honda strengthens car R&D, production in China

[2013-11-06 17:34]

Honda Motor (China) Investment Co Ltd announced the establishment of a new wholly-owned subsidiary, Honda Motor China Technology Co Ltd.

A new move by Honda to rival in China's market

[2013-11-06 15:09]

Honda has established a new research and development center in Guangzhou, Southern China.

Sun dropped from team after driving offense

[2013-11-06 14:40]

Olympic swimming champion and world record holder Sun Yang has been suspended from the national team after being detained for driving without a license.

Mercedes all-new S-Class demand exceeds supply

[2013-11-06 14:24]

Mercedes all-new S-Class orders were placed through the end of 2013 inChengdu, demonstrating the company's strong sales growth and trends.

Tesla opens doors in Beijing

[2013-11-05 08:56]

US electric carmaker Tesla Motors opened its first showroom in China over the weekend, taking pre-orders from customers at its Beijing location.

Police detain swimming star for driving SUV without license

[2013-11-05 00:45]

Olympic swimming champion Sun Yang has been given a seven-day administrative detention, afterinvolved in a minor collision with a bus on Sunday.

Epic sojourn for China-made MPV

[2013-11-04 08:11]

Zeng drove was a Wuling Hongguang MPV departed from Lishui, crossing the Yangtze River Plain, to Siberia, and all the way to Lisbon.

No longer your humble delivery van

[2013-11-04 08:11]

Multipurpose vehicles are shedding their image as humble delivery vehicles as they gain in popularity and become an engine for growth in China's auto market.

Expanding network as Volvo gears up for local production

[2013-11-04 08:11]

Volvo's dealer network will soon serve more small Chinese cities and the carmaker will strive to help dealers quickly earn back their investment.

Mercedes helps customers to cope with typhoon's effectsm

[2013-10-28 07:27]

Typhoon Fitow has left after hitting East China earlier this month, and through it all, Mercedes-Benz has been with its customers, according to the company.

On a roll, tire makers expand outlets

[2013-10-21 07:07]

Tire makers from home and abroad are on a roll in China as they rapidly expand their sales outlets to compete for a share of a market estimated at 120 million replacement units annually.

GM-Peugeot setbacks set scene for Dongfeng deal push

[2013-10-15 15:08]

General Motors scaled back cooperation with Peugeot and later turned down another merger, leaving China's Dongfeng as the French carmaker's last hope.

Storm swamps car insurance firms

[2013-10-14 23:57]

Car insurance companies have received tens of thousands of claims from drivers after Shanghai was lashed by a fierce rainstorm last week.

More tourists driving themselves

[2013-10-14 06:33]

With rates of automobile ownership on the rise nationwide, more and more Chinese people are choosing to drive themselves when on vacation.

Capital skies hazy over holiday despite fewer cars

[2013-10-14 06:33]

Though far fewer vehicles were on the roads during the National Day vacation in Beijing, the city was still blanketed by dense smog on some days, prompting many to doubt the conventional wisdom that the capital's pollution mainly comes from cars.

Panda envoys build ties with Scotland

[2013-10-14 06:33]

When Bob Grace first set eyes on two giant pandas currently living in the Edinburgh Zoo, it had a tremendous impact on him, the president of Jaguar Land Rover China said.

New FAW-VW plant marks next step in expansion

[2013-10-14 06:33]

FAW-Volkswagen, the first foreign joint venture in China's automotive industry, reinforced its leadership by opening a new world-class manufacturing plant in South China recently.

Liuzhou hosts vehicle exhibition

[2013-10-14 06:33]

The third China-ASEAN (Liuzhou) Automobiles, Construction Equipments, Components and Parts Expo recently closed in Liuzhou in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

Chongqing finds opportunity selling motorcycles

[2013-10-14 00:38]

Chongqing — following the example of the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region — encourages local companies to invest in Vietnam, increasing Sino-ASEAN foreign trade and cooperation.

Student makes race car for 4th Formula SAE of China

[2013-10-10 17:58]

Students of the university spent over a year in designing and making the car, which will compete at the 4th Formula SAE of China, due to be held in Central China's Hubei province on Oct 16-19.