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BYD's hybrid car sets new rally record

[2014-05-14 09:48]

The Qin plug-in hybrid car will take part in the China Rally Championship which will kick off in Guizhou on Saturday.

DS Global CEO mulls hybrid car for China

[2014-05-13 16:00]

The French luxury car maker's CEO Yves Bonnefont shared his vision on global and Chinese market in the interview.

Joint venture on road to success in minibus market

[2014-05-13 10:10]

Chinese automotive company looks set to zoom past the market leader, Toyota Motor Corp, in the fast-growing South African minibus market.

Jebsen confident of dramatic growth

[2014-05-12 13:24]

After steady business expansion in China in the past six decades, Jebsen Group, a renowned international luxury product distributor, is paying more attention to the automotive supply chain.

McLaren takes race tech to the street

[2014-05-12 13:24]

A leader in racing for more than half a century, British high-performance sports car maker McLaren Automotive now hopes to reinvent its image in China.

Customized cars for maturing market

[2014-05-12 13:24]

With the German auto giant's rapid expansion in China in recent years, a number of BMW owners face the dilemma due to the lack of legal guidance in vehicle tuning and modifications.

Jaguar's joint venture integrates services

[2014-05-12 13:24]

Jaguar Land Rover and its local joint venture Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Co Ltd announced the establishment of their integrated marketing sales and service organization on Friday.

Nexteer Automotive gears up for China success

[2014-05-06 07:17]

Nexteer Automotive, a parts supplier, is benefiting from using a globalized management team, the company chairman Zhao Guibin, also chairman of AVIC Automobile Industry, said.

Honda to double number of models in China

[2014-05-05 15:58]

Honda Motor Co will double the number of car models it sells in China over the next two years to try to capture market share from rivals such as General Motors Co.

Truckers compete to cut fuel consumption and boost safety

[2014-05-05 08:20]

Swedish truck and bus manufacturer Scania AB, hopes that its newest truck, Scania Streamline, will boost its growth in the Chinese market.

Skoda stepping out of VW's shadow

[2014-05-05 08:20]

Skoda Auto expects to move out of parent company Volkswagen's shadow and compete as an independent brand in the Chinese auto market, said its chairman Winfried Vahland.

Bosch: Global products, local talent and facilities

[2014-05-05 08:20]

Bosch concluded its 2013 fiscal year with a record sales revenue of 41.2 billion yuan in China, a significant growth of 18 percent from the previous year.

Hankook to customize tires for China

[2014-04-29 16:22]

The South Korean company has set up a Chinese research and development center this year with more than 200 researchers to study the demands

DS to drive China-made cars overseas

[2014-04-28 10:39]

French car maker revealed its SUV model DS 6WR to the world in Beijing, while its locally-made 5LS is set to launch the Chinese market.

Leasing plays little role in world's largest market

[2014-04-28 06:36]

Though China continues to make and sell the most cars of any country in the world, vehicle leasing remains a largely untapped sector that lags far behind mature markets.

Rent a ZINORO 1E for a greener life electric drive

[2014-04-28 06:36]

Earlier this month BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd announced the start of ZINORO 1E rentals. The car is the first electric vehicle made by a premium car manufacturer in China.

Shanghai auto show plans major changes

[2014-04-26 11:02]

Next year's 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition plans to revamp its schedule, relocate to new venue and provide improved indoor air quality.

BMW Brilliance' different path to crack market

[2014-04-25 17:37]

BMW Brilliance will open another showroom for its locally made fully electric crossover Zinoro 1E in Shanghai this year.

Kia Motors says China sales to beat target this year

[2014-04-25 15:58]

South Korean automaker Kia Motors Corp expects to top its China sales target this year, driven by its new China factory which went into production in January, earlier than planned.

Chengdu races to be China's new automotive hub

[2014-04-25 06:57]

With car sales rising in China's vast western region, Chengdu appears to have developed a new revenue source with which automobile makers can expand their factories in the country's eastern region.