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Figures vary but scientists agree cars major polluters

[2014-01-16 07:09]

Although scientists have not agreed on an exact percentage of vehicle exhausts' contribution to fine particulate matters in big cities, they do agree it is a major source of pollution.

Tesla says to expand in China

[2014-01-15 15:03]

Tesla Motors said it plans to expand service and sales centers in China, including building supercharge stations for electric cars along highways.

Sales of China-made vehicles rise in Nepal

[2014-01-15 14:48]

China-made vehicles have succeeded to win the hearts of Nepalis automobile connoisseurs and customers because of their proven reliability.

China world's largest auto production site in 2013

[2014-01-15 09:58]

China became the world's largest auto production site in 2013 with the most dynamic growth, a Frankfurt-based institute said Tuesday.

China's automakers shun Detroit show

[2014-01-15 00:37]

Chinese car companies are shunning North America's largest auto show for the first time in eight years despite their repeated pledges to explore overseas markets.

Jaguar Land Rover China roars into 2014

[2014-01-14 23:17]

British carmaker saw huge sales increase in 2013 while its joint venture with China's Chery Automotive is expected to be producing prototypes by mid-year.

China to account for one third of new auto sales

[2014-01-14 10:02]

Chinese automakers will account for one third of new auto sales worldwide by 2020 with continuing investment in the sector.

'Most important car on earth'

[2014-01-13 10:52]

A Forbes magazine story in 2010 said the Wuling Sunshine minivan is "the most important car on earth" because it is "the choice for China's small business owners and farmers.

Trumpchi GS5 named Xuanyuan champ

[2014-01-13 07:27]

An auto award that organizers say "has nothing to do with business, power and connections" was unveiled on Jan 8 in Beijing with the Chinese model GAC Trumpchi GS5 winning the championship.

Other award winners

[2014-01-13 07:27]

Shanghai Volkswagen New Lavida

Daimler and Mercedes charging ahead in Year of Horse

[2014-01-13 07:27]

"In the Year of the Horse, let's start as a charging horse," said Hubertus Troska, member of the Board of Management at Daimler AG, and chairman and CEO of Daimler Greater China Ltd.

New-energy vehicles 'turning the corner'

[2014-01-11 07:55]

The domestic alternative-fuel vehicle industry has reached a turning point and is on track for rapid development in the next two or three years, said experts.

China importing more vehicles produced in US

[2014-01-10 14:06]

China is importing more cars from the United States because of additional production by automakers there and increased interest from Chinese customers.

China the jewel in Rolls-Royce crown

[2014-01-10 08:07]

British automotive company Rolls-Royce Motors Cars Ltd has made China its largest market in 2013, as sales grew robustly despite a slowdown in the world's fastest-growing economy.

BMW runaway sales in Year of Horse

[2014-01-07 07:19]

German premium vehicle producer BMW AG is looking to exploit the Chinese Year of the Horse in 2014, with aggressive marketing campaigns and massive product launches.

SUVs to gain from new laws

[2014-01-06 07:20]

Experts say signals that the government may relax the nation's one-child policy in the near future are a promising sign for makers of SUVs and minivans, also known as multi-purpose vehicles.

Local car producers looking to Brazil for growth

[2014-01-06 07:20]

Rapidly developing markets in South America, led by Brazil, are shaping up to be the new focus of investment in the future.

Short torque

[2014-01-06 07:20]

Engine-maker tries hand at cars

GE charged up over electric car battery

[2014-01-03 17:17]

Scientists from GE and Berkeley Lab may have just the recipe for next-generation electric vehicle batteries that achieve desired driving range and cost for consumers.

Wanxiang makes bid for US car company

[2014-01-03 07:42]

China's largest auto parts manufacturer, Wanxiang Group Corp, has made a last-minute bid for a United States-based alternative-fuel car producer.