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Geely gets green light for APEC cars

[2014-02-11 09:38]

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co Ltd became the first domestic player to be designated an official car supplier for APEC 2014.

Year of Horsepower: Car industry shifts gears

[2014-02-10 07:21]

Opportunities, hurdles to arise in changing market.  China Daily Motoring gives an retrospective to the influential and representative industry news in 2013.

Audi: Campaign to consolidate lead

[2014-02-10 07:21]

FAW-Volkswagen has begun a multifaceted, wide-ranging program to consolidate Audi's top position in China's premium vehicle market, said a senior sales manager at the joint venture.

Daimler 'smart' plan to help ease urban traffic

[2014-02-10 07:21]

A corporate car-sharing program by German automaker Daimler AG is providing one answer to the increasing traffic congestion in the urban areas of China.

New arrival: Audi A6L 2014

[2014-02-10 07:21]

The 2014 version of FAW-Volkswagen's Audi A6L was unveiled on Jan 23 in Beijing at prices ranging from 383,000 to 742,600 yuan.

Chinese companies in race for bankrupt US carmaker

[2014-02-07 08:09]

Two Chinese-backed companies are locked in a bidding war, culminating next week, to take over bankrupt United States carmaker Fisker Automotive Holdings Inc.

Car sharing catching on since ban was lifted

[2014-02-06 23:37]

Beijing lifted its ban on carpooling on Jan 1 in an attempt to ease traffic congestion and help tackle pollution, becoming the first Chinese city to legalize carpooling.

China's Geely leads Ukraine's passenger car market

[2014-02-05 10:14]

Chinese carmaker Geely took the lead in passenger car sales in Ukraine, snatching 12.4 percent of the market share in January, the Auto-Consulting Analysis Group reported Tuesday.

Experts eye Tesla to spur China's electric car market

[2014-02-02 11:00]

Tesla's latest pure electric sports car has caught the eye of motor enthusiasts, industry insiders and environmentalists in China.

BYD partners Singapore to develop smart electric cars

[2014-01-30 13:21]

Chinese automobile-maker and Singapore's Institute agreed on a joint lab to develop electric cars with autonomous vehicle sensors.

All's 'fare' in battle of taxi-booking apps

[2014-01-29 08:45]

Behind the hot competition lies a cold fact: China's booming taxi-booking app industry depends on capital injections with no profit-generating business model yet.

Hybrid taxis hit the roads of Guiyang

[2014-01-28 17:41]

A first batch of 500 hybrid taxis has gone into use in Guiyang, Guizhou province. The 500 taxis have terminals installed that give passengers clear information on drivers and the company.

Low-speed electric car sales are revving up

[2014-01-28 07:54]

The annual sales of low-speed electric vehicles hit 200,000 in 2013, rising from less than 20,000 in 2009.

'Voice of customers' fuels Jaguar Land Rover China

[2014-01-28 07:54]

Upon entering the Jaguar Land Rover Shanghai office, people will be greeted by a wall filled with stories and photos, a bulletin board that celebrates not only company achievements but also the personal highs in employees' lives: recent weddings, newborn babies, and others.

Geely-Volvo developing new, smaller model

[2014-01-28 07:54]

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, parent company of Volvo Car Corp and Geely Automobile Holding Ltd, is developing a new model at its new research and development center in Sweden.

Tesla unveils growth plan for China

[2014-01-26 09:48]

US electric carmaker Tesla Motors Inc expects its China sales to contribute one third of global sales growth this year, a senior executive said.

Tesla prizes China market despite hurdles

[2014-01-25 11:02]

Tesla made its debut in China this week amid applause over its lower-than-expected price tag, but consumers are still concerned about issues such as battery charging.

China cuts retail oil prices

[2014-01-25 10:47]

China's top economic planner announced on Friday that it will cut the per-ton retail price of gasoline by 130 yuan ($21.3) and diesel by 125 yuan.

GM China chairman to retire

[2014-01-25 10:17]

General Motors Co announced Friday that GM China Chairman Tim Lee will retire on April 1 after a nearly 45-year career with the company.

Tesla unveils Model S pricing in China

[2014-01-24 09:38]

The Model S electric sedan with the premium 85 kWh battery pack has a base price of 734,000 yuan ($121,300). The downpayment is 250,000 yuan.