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NEV plans get a head start

[2016-05-09 14:25]

If the future automotive industry is a cart pulled by autonomous driving, connectivity and new-energy vehicles, the last is going a step faster in the current leg of the journey, as evidenced by plans from major State-owned Chinese automakers in the next five years.

Bosch lays foundation for future of parking

[2016-05-09 11:33]

German engineering and electronics giant Bosch is presenting an easier life for drivers, especially new ones, by simplifying the search for parking spaces and gradually automating the parking process.

Watchdog making good on vow to go after faulty cars: experts

[2016-05-09 11:33]

China's quality watchdog is showing more initiative in recalling vehicles after a record number of defective cars were reported in the country last year.

SAIC unveils 'big' plans for new-energy vehicles

[2016-05-03 07:34]

The gasoline- and diesel-guzzling passenger vehicle industry may be taking tentative steps toward producing new-energy vehicles or NEVs with a focus on small models, but SAIC Motor Corp Ltd, China's largest automotive company, is thinking, and making, big in this context.

Designer's drive and passion fuel success

[2016-04-28 13:20]

As the only Chinese member on Audi's prestigious design team, Yan Si'ming has the enviable job of designing the exterior of Audi's many car models and concepts.

Jaguar Land Rover CEO has a lot of trust in China's economy

[2016-04-28 11:06]

"I really have a lot of trust in China. China's GDP is going to grow, car market and other markets in China are going to grow."

'Chinese edition' cars debut at Beijing Auto Show

[2016-04-28 11:06]

International car makers have launched more "Chinese edition" cars to lure customers and increase their competitiveness at the ongoing Beijing Auto Show.

Future mobility in global talent grab

[2016-04-28 08:31]

Future Mobility Corp Ltd, a Chinese startup aspiring to make electric and smart cars and which has the backing of Tencent Holdings and Foxconn Technology Group, has hired two senior managers from Tesla Motors Inc in its latest hunt for global talent.

Luxury cars tempt youth with tech

[2016-04-28 08:31]

Luxury carmakers are upgrading in-car technologies in a bid to appeal to China's internet-savvy youth.

Changan Ford gears up for NEV market

[2016-04-28 08:31]

Sino-US joint venture Changan Ford is entering the new energy vehicle market as it transforms from a traditional carmaker into an auto mobility solution provider, after gaining a foothold in the Chinese market by offering customers a wide variety of models that meet their new demands.

Electric vehicles offer new direction for motorists

[2016-04-27 07:43]

Boosted by the government's supportive policy and subsidy incentives, China has seen an explosive growth for clean-energy vehicles last year.

CVT manufacturer JATCO to debut at Auto China 2016

[2016-04-26 17:39]

JTACO Ltd, a leading Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) manufacture, makes its debut at the 14th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition in 2016 (Auto China 2016) started in Beijing on April 25 and become a focus of media attention.

SAIC Motor brings UK's LDV brand back to life

[2016-04-26 13:47]

Chinese carmaker SAIC Motor is bringing LDV, once one of Britain's best-known light vehicle brands, back to its home market for the first time since it acquired the company from administration in 2009.

Porsche has eyes on all-electric future

[2016-04-26 08:05]

Porsche AG is building a lineup of environmentally friendly cars as part of its future-oriented sustainable development strategy, said its top executive during the Beijing auto show.

Audi shapes China's future mobility

[2016-04-26 08:02]

German premium carmaker Audi AG has vowed to bring more new products and forward-looking technologies to meet China's evolving demands and maintain its three-decade leadership in the country's luxury car market.

Three-pointed star shines at Auto China 2016

[2016-04-26 08:02]

German automaker, Mercedes-Benz, along with subbrands Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-AMG and smart, took to the stage with 39 heavyweight models at the Auto China 2016 media day on Monday, reflecting the company's confidence in and unwavering commitment to the Chinese market.

Mercedes continues to improve its position by listening to customers

[2016-04-26 08:02]

At the Mercedes-Benz news conference for Auto China 2016, Dieter Zetsche, chairman of the board of management of Daimler AG and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, gave his views on the prospects of the Chinese market and the future opportunities for the company.

Glittering new array shows Ferrari's commitment to China

[2016-04-26 08:02]

Leading luxury icon Ferrari unveiled a stellar lineup of cars at the Beijing auto show on Monday, the latest sign of its commitment to the Chinese market.

Lincoln gathers steam in China

[2016-04-26 08:02]

Ford Motor's luxury arm is gaining traction in the Chinese market after a fruitful 2015 thanks to its stellar car ownership standards, an increasing lineup of vehicles and a growing network of dealers.

Brand keeps its promise with new models

[2016-04-26 08:02]

US premium brand Lincoln has kept its promise of delivering five new models to China by 2016 with its unveiling of the all-new Continental, a full-size sedan, and the new MKZ, an upgraded midsize sedan, at the Beijing auto show.