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Brilliance Auto targets 14.6% growth in sales

[2013-01-30 20:45]

Brilliance Auto Group aims to sell 770,000 vehicles this year, which would represent a year-on-year growth of 14.6 percent, according to a company report.

Burton to serve GAC Fiat as general manager

[2013-01-30 16:49]

GAC Fiat Automobiles Co Ltd will appoint John Burton as general manager. Burton will officially take office on March 1.

BAIC Group and Daimler AG to swap stocks

[2013-01-30 14:50]

The signing ceremony for a stock swap agreement between BAIC Group and its German partner Daimler AG will be held on Feb 1.

Binsbergen to serve BMW Brilliance as senior VP

[2013-01-29 16:03]

BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd has appointed Peter van Binsbergen as senior vice-president of sales and marketing. Binsbergen will assume the role on April 1.

Audi looks to secure premium car leader: Interview

[2013-01-29 14:40]

"I have confidence that we will maintain and further expand FAW-VW Audi's leading position in China's premium car market," said Dominique Boesch, general manager of the Audi Sales Division.

Audi looks to secure premium car leader: Interview

[2013-01-29 14:40]

"I have confidence that we will maintain and further expand FAW-VW Audi's leading position in China's premium car market," said FAW-VW Audi General Manager Bo Shi in an interview.

Shanghai GM to lift 2013 sales target

[2013-01-28 16:52]

Shanghai General Motors Co Ltd is set to raise its 2013 sales target in the first quarter, China Business Times reported Sunday, citing internal sources.

Audi in China

[2013-01-28 16:13]

Audi's China sales jumped 30 percent to 402,888 cars last year, consolidating the company's position as the biggest premium car provider in China.

Dongfeng and Volvo to set up joint venture

[2013-01-28 15:11]

Dongfeng Motor Group Co Ltd and AB Volvo signed an agreement in Beijing on Jan 26 to establish a joint venture.

BAIC Group's own brand sales weak

[2013-01-28 14:19]

Local Chinese automaker BAIC Group published its 2012 sales figures on Jan 16, showing that the automaker's accumulative sales in 2012 amounted to 1.7 million units.

Beidou system not a threat

[2013-01-28 07:24]

China's rapid-developing Beidou navigation system is not a threat to Russia's GLONASS, but a potential ally to it, a Russian expert said.

FAW-VW's Audi sales hit 400k in 2012

[2013-01-24 17:31]

The sales of FAW-VW Audi surpassed 400,000 units in 2012, up 30 percent year-on-year, achieving a leading edge of 100,000 units over its competitors.

Emission of major pollutants reduces in China

[2013-01-24 13:26]

The emission of four major pollutants reduced by a year-on-year 2 percent in 2012, said China's Minister of Environment Zhou Shengxian Thursday.

SAIC delivers first battery-powered car

[2013-01-24 10:10]

Roewe E50, China's first locally manufactured and battery-powered vehicle by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp, has been handed over to its buyer.

Dongfeng Motor, Volvo to set up truck JV

[2013-01-23 19:40]

China's Dongfeng Motor Co Ltd will sign an agreement with Sweden's Volvo Group to set up a joint venture to produce medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

Daniel Kirchert not joining Beijing Mercedes Benz

[2013-01-23 09:12]

Daniel Kirchert is not joining Beijing Mercedes Benz Sales and Service Co Ltd, said sources close to the matter.

JAC aims to be top maker of electric vehicles

[2013-01-22 19:57]

Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co Ltd, an automaker whose history dates back to 1964, is set to produce 100,000 electric vehicles by the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15) period.

Chang'an cold testing facility

[2013-01-21 17:21]

Chongqing's Chang'an Automobile Group has recently built a testing facility for vehicle resistance to cold in Heihe, a city in Heilongjiang province bordering Russia.

Banco Santander offers auto financing

[2013-01-21 17:21]

Spanish lender Banco Santander SA said recently that its 50-50 joint venture on auto financing with Chinese carmaker Jianghuai Automobile Co has received approval from the China Banking Regulatory Commission.

From strength to strength for FAW Volkswagen

[2013-01-21 07:57]

FAW Volkswagen Automobile Co, one of the country's largest Sino-foreign car joint ventures, said it will continue to boost sales steadily in the years to 2015.