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Infiniti brings full lineup in anticipation of expansion

[2013-11-21 10:58]

Infiniti is bringing out the proverbial big guns to prove that it can be a contender in the nation's German-dominated luxury car market.

Survey: Big strides in domestic auto quality

[2013-11-21 10:25]

Chinese consumers are finding less to complain about with their new domestic cars, as domestic brands make strides in initial quality.

Rise of the south's biggest show

[2013-11-21 10:06]

Mainly fueled by Guangzhou's advantages as an important car market, production site and gateway in South China, the Guangzhou Auto Show developed rapidly over the next decade.

Daimler revs up with key stake in BAIC

[2013-11-19 16:45]

Daimler AG completed the 12-percent stake purchase in BAIC Motor, becoming the first foreign automaker to hold a significant equity position in a Chinese company.

Electric car buyers must try their luck in lottery

[2013-11-19 07:39]

Future buyers of electric vehicles in Beijing will not be immune to the capital's monthly license plate lottery.

High-octane weekend of motorsport

[2013-11-18 07:41]

For die-hard motorsport fans, there is nothing more exciting than spending the whole weekend watching as many races as possible.

Developing tomorrow's champions

[2013-11-18 07:41]

VW Group China and Top Speed began the Formula Masters China Series this year, a new junior program designed to foster the next generation motorsport stars.

Ultra-car legend Lamborghini on the circuit with race series

[2013-11-18 07:41]

Though renowned as an ultra-sports car, Lamborghini was not born for racing.

Toyota TMEC opens hybrid tech R&D operations

[2013-11-16 17:25]

Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing China began operations in the Changshu Southeast Economic Development Zone in Jiangsu province on Nov 14.

Volvo joins list of procurement cars

[2013-11-15 07:40]

Volvo said its locally produced models will be included on a central government procurement list, which should help boost its sales in China.

Looking overseas for new-energy vehicle ideas

[2013-11-13 14:38]

The Ministry of Commerce is encouraging domestic auto companies to utilize foreign investment and technology to boost their development of energy-saving and new energy vehicles.

Deng Zhiyou becomes new chairman of Chang'an Group

[2013-11-12 13:38]

Deng Zhiyou, 50, vice president of China South Industry Group Corp, was appointed new chairman of China Chang'an Automobile Group Corp (CCAG) on Oc 16.

Yang Jie resigns from SGMW

[2013-11-12 11:16]

Yang Jie, former assistant to president of SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co Ltd and president of SGMW Sales Co Ltd resigned his post for personal reasons.

Shanghai-GM appoints John Stadwick new VP

[2013-11-11 17:45]

John Stadwick, former president and managing director of GM Middle East Operations, was appointed vice president of Shanghai-GM Automobile Co Ltd.

Luck tough for would-be car buyers

[2013-11-11 08:10]

At the lottery to receive one of the Beijing's limited number of license plates in late October, the odds were 90-to-1 against the applicants.

More about congestion charges

[2013-11-11 08:10]

London began to collect congestion tolls in 2003 for motor vehicles that enter central London between 7 am and 6 pm from Monday to Friday.

Truck makers pin hopes on urbanization amid slump

[2013-11-11 08:10]

Industry analysts say prospects for Chinese truck manufacturers overseas still look grim because of high barriers to entry in mature markets..

Vehicle sales still driving fast

[2013-11-08 10:21]

China's passenger vehicle sales continued robust growth in October because of a low base in the corresponding month last year.

11th Guangzhou auto show to kick off on Nov 22

[2013-11-07 14:21]

With the theme of "Lead the trend, steering the future", Auto Guangzhou 2013 will exert its influence of an important vane in automobile market.

Chinese cars tap market potentials in UAE

[2013-11-07 13:51]

Sales of vehicles "Made in China" are gaining momentum in the markets of the United Arab Emirates although shares remain marginal due to the strong position of Japanese and German car manufacturers.