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BMW to pay $820m to support China car dealers

[2015-01-06 07:04]

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG agreed to give $820 million to its distributors in China to help cover their losses after the retailers threatened to stop ordering cars from the manufacturer.

Land Rover ranked No 1 in satisfaction

[2015-01-05 09:18]

A survey to evaluate customer satisfaction of vehicle performance and design ranked Land Rover first place.

Rocky road to come for new energy car market

[2015-01-05 09:18]

An uphill battle looms large for China's new energy vehicle sector despite the fact 2014 was tipped to be the starting point of the alternative fuel vehicle era after promising sales performances.

China's automakers hit by rouble depreciation

[2015-01-05 09:18]

A plunge in the value of the ruble in 2014 dealt a blow to Chinese automakers who see Russia as a major export destination.

Hyundai Motor to build two China plants

[2014-12-31 11:49]

Hyundai Motor Co said it would build two factories in China, as the South Korean automaker bets on growth in the world's biggest car market even as the economy slows.

Toyota poised to miss annual sales targets

[2014-12-31 09:14]

Toyota is likely to miss its 2014 objective of selling more than 1.1 million vehicles in China because of a economic slowdown and a price war in the local auto market.

Rocky road ahead for automakers

[2014-12-31 09:12]

Foreign automakers in China may struggle to dictate sales targets after dealers complained that inflexible targets set during a market boom obliged them to buy too much stock.

VW festival and track racing event promotes motor sport culture

[2014-12-29 10:35]

Volkswagen Group, as a leader in pioneering initiatives, has achieved remarkable success in promoting sports car culture in China in recent years.

Downturn is no barrier for Bentley

[2014-12-29 10:34]

Although China's luxury vehicle market is facing challenges amid an economic slowdown, British premium brand Bentley saw a robust increase in its second-largest market in the world.

Michelin's 'Green Paper' from Chengdu on challenges ahead

[2014-12-29 10:20]

To develop a shared vision of sustainable mobility, French tire maker Michelin brought its 12th Challenge Bibendum to Chengdu this year, making China the first country to host the event three times.

Conference will imagine future of the car industry

[2014-12-29 10:16]

Though it has remained basically the same over the past century, the time to redefine the auto industry could have arrived as non-traditional players bring about revolutionary changes.

Slowing growth for auto imports

[2014-12-29 10:14]

Vehicle imports will likely decelerate in China as the economy slows and dealers attempt to move out existing oversupplies of inventory.

BYD's chairman increases stake, may buy more

[2014-12-26 15:56]

Wang Chuanfu, BYD's chairman, president and CEO, bought one million of BYD's Hong Kong-listed shares, raising his stake to 23.1 percent.

Former Dongfeng official probed

[2014-12-26 10:57]

Fan Zhong, 61, who had served as labor union chairman and deputy Party chief of Dongfeng Motor Corp, is facing an internal probe.

BYD's prize lures 2015 CRC hybrid car rally racers

[2014-12-22 17:56]

Chinese carmaker BYD started recuiting participants for the 2015 China Rally Championship and announced hundreds of thousands of yuan in prize money for the team.

1 in 10 drivers admit they drive after drink

[2014-12-22 10:57]

Since drunk driving was made a crime in 2011, the number of traffic accidents caused by intoxicated drivers has fallen by 25 percent.

Porsche revs up sales drive

[2014-12-22 10:43]

Porsche's global sales grew 14.9 percent year-on-year to 169,205 vehicles in the first 11 months of this year, surpassing the total for 2013.

Focus shifts after slow in car sales and assembly

[2014-12-22 10:42]

The number of light vehicles assembled in China is expected to reach 23.5 million in 2015, a 10.6 percent increase compared to 2014.

Manager reshuffle to rapidly boost growth

[2014-12-22 10:39]

Chinese carmaker Chery Automobile reshuffled its top management to improve development amid a market slowdown last week.

Tesla launches major experience center in S.W. China

[2014-12-19 15:16]

US electric carmaker Tesla launched its second-largest experience center in the world in Chengdu, capital of southwest China's Sichuan Province.