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Rebuild public trust

[2014-02-20 10:07]

Chai Jing, a celebrity China Central Television presenter, reportedly was found to have given birth to a daughter in the United Stateslast year.

Effect of Dongguan crackdown pondered

[2014-02-12 17:27]

The crackdown on underground prostitution in Dongguan continues to ferment as economists warned that such a campaign will have nationwide economic ramifications.

To help or not to help?

[2011-08-26 15:13]

The case of a 69-year-old woman who sued a young man for knocking her down with his car has rekindled public debate on morality and credibility. The trial is still in progress, but an overwhelming majority of people are showing their support for the man for his benevolence.

Knowledge no longer changes fate?

[2011-08-17 16:51]

"It is bound to be hard for youngsters from poor families in rural areas to become elites of society in China," a teacher recently said at an online forum.

Love or property?

[2011-08-17 16:32]

A judicial interpretation of China's Marriage Law regarding the settlement of property disputes upon divorce came into effect on Saturday, triggering hot discussion among Chinese netizens.

Another half-hearted attempt to attack China's top health problem

[2011-08-17 09:37]

Although China ratified the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2005, the country has yet to ban smoking in public. As long as local governments realize enormous profits from the government-controlled tobacco industry, official attempts to change behaviors may prove fruitless.

China's new middle class control planet's future

[2011-08-13 10:22]

China is rapidly becoming a land of the rising middle class - and a force that will either tip or balance the scales on the environmental future of the planet.

Memorial for Japanese settlers in China sparks debate

[2011-08-10 17:59]

A memorial wall that was erected in July in Fangzheng county in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province has provoked discontent and criticism from Chinese netizens. The Fangzheng county government built the wall at a cost of 700,000 yuan ($108,500 US dollars) for more than 5,000 Japanese settlers who stayed and died in the county after Japan surrendered in 1945.

Food safety at foreign fast-food giants under fire

[2011-08-05 10:38]

As famous foreign fast food brands, both KFC and McDonald's have won the hearts of many Chinese customers. Foreign brands should treasure the trust bestowed upon them and pay it back with better food and service, rather than with indifference or betrayal.

Netizens doubt Palace Museum's handling of ancient relics

[2011-08-02 14:08]

Despite the Palace Museum's admission that a piece of 1,000-year-old porcelain had been damaged, Chinese netizens are unrelenting. They are questioning why it took so long for the Museum to disclose the incident, and more pertinent, why it took some one else who is not working in the Museum to break the news to the general public.

What they are saying about Yao Ming

[2011-07-22 13:15]

"No one can escape the destiny of growing old. An age is sure to pass. Audience always has new favorites, and they may have their new idol, but the feelings for the old days can never be replaced," A micro blogger writes on Yao Ming's retirement.

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