Opinion / Domestic Affairs

The Chinese faith in learning

[2011-07-21 10:41]

If you are a tourist in Beijing and you thought only Forbidden City and the Great Wall were the most attractive places in the capital city, you are mistaken. The latest additions are the two great centers of learning in China, Peking and Tsinghua universities.

Seek value, not status, when shopping

[2011-07-15 09:06]

The Shanghai-based furniture retailer Da Vinci has been accused of selling Chinese-made furniture and labeling it Italian. Unsuspecting Chinese have been willing to pay top dollar for it. Why do so many Chinese have an unhealthy obsession with buying foreign brands and is there a cure?

China's companies and international competition

[2011-07-13 14:06]

Judged by international standards, even with the greatest skill it will take many years for China to build a series of world-leading brands across a wide range of industries.

Foreigners still remain strangers in China

[2011-07-11 10:43]

Today, China stands tall and competes with global players. The modern infrastructure encapsulates its march toward a modern lifestyle and the rising social standard mesmerizes those who visit China. Yet, a foreigner in China is still a strange creature.

Actress' homosexual slurs unacceptable

[2011-07-05 10:04]

As it was famously put, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." But when by asserting your opinion you seriously infringe on the rights of others, I say, keep it to yourself.

Shanghai traffic an embodiment of Chinese logic

[2011-07-06 10:35]

From my Western point of view, it seems "logical" to wait for the oncoming traffic to pass before trying to turn left, but for a Shanghai driver it is perfectly "logical" to try to beat the oncoming traffic

From nation-building to powerful nation: 90-year legacy of the CPC

[2011-07-02 08:51]

The Chinese Communist Party completes 90 years on 1st July 2011. Ninety years probably is the longest in the history of any political party to survive. It is the only party in the world to continuously rule the biggest and most populated nation of the world since its liberation.

China's past century: On CPC's 90th birthday

[2011-07-01 11:40]

A century ago, China lived at the mercy of imperialists. Westerners called Chinese the "sick man of East Asia". Foreign powers carved up China as their spheres of influence. It was from this sad situation that the Chinese nation started its regeneration under the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

CPC's 90th birthday celebration and reflection

[2011-06-30 11:21]

Over the past 90 years, the Communist Party of China has achieved great achievements with constant reflections on its zigzagging way forward.

Don't blacklist, demand good reporting

[2011-06-29 10:17]

In an increasingly commercialized news culture, where better to be first and wrong rather than last and right is a common newsroom mantra and too many journalists fail to stray far from the press release turnaround treadmill, good investigative reporting often falls by the wayside.

CPC: Present challenges and future course

[2011-06-24 14:16]

The Communist Party of China began its road with the major hurdles. Now it is a party that is working to build a prosperous China and a society that works to create harmonious living.

Media literacy shows governance quality

[2011-06-22 14:34]

When openness and transparency have gradually become a consensus of governance and expression and supervision have become basic rights of citizens, people can see that media awareness at various levels of government is also rising.