Opinion / Domestic Affairs

Beijing taxi service needs improvement

[2010-11-30 09:21]

What is wrong with the taxi drivers in Beijing has as many answers as taxi riders. But most of us will agree that there is a large deficit of "service with a smile." In other words, the first and foremost problem is their attitude.

'Til death do us part

[2010-11-26 14:00]

Family bonds seem to be fragile than ever in China. At least 2.47 million couples divorced last year, a rise of almost 9 percent, on par with the country's economic growth rate.

Getting beyond Freud to understand human behavior

[2010-11-25 14:16]

Having taught psychology for many years, I was pleased to read in Monday's China Daily that "a growing number of Chinese are studying psychology to gain a better understanding of their own state of mind". What is troubling, however, is that the "man most are turning to is Sigmund Freud."

Asian Games changes Guangzhou

[2010-11-23 14:41]

The Asian Games in Guangzhou changes the city fundamentally in many ways.

Students waves should flow East too

[2010-11-19 09:07]

China sent several times more students to the US than Great Britain, France, Spain, and Italy combined  Cultural exchange key to bringing US students to China: From Readers

Nov 11, a libido-fueled Single's Day

[2010-11-11 15:02]

Of all the gossip you hear about Chinese college students, here is the truth most likely to be denied, they are libido-fueled, in a lovely way.

The press in China and America

[2010-11-10 14:42]

November 8, this Monday, was Journalists' Day or Reporters' Day in China. It is interesting that China honors journalists and the work they do whereas there is no comparable recognition in the US.

Overheated civil servants exam: Cons outweigh pros

[2010-11-02 16:10]

The phrase "thousands of people forcing their way across a narrow foot bridge" has always been used to describe China's annual national college entrance exam.

Gov't promotion should use traditional criteria

[2010-11-02 10:56]

Unless a person's psychological health and moral integrity can first be scientifically established and then linked to qualities that insure good governance, it's probably best to continue to rely on traditional avenues of promotion for government officials.

China's own path to political reform

[2010-11-01 15:37]

With over 30 years of development, China has been on a rapid-growth track to join the group of largest economies in the world, abiding by the rules with special Chinese characteristics rather than following the existing mode of development such as Russia or other former Soviet Union countries.