Opinion / Domestic Affairs

Make smoking uncool for boys

[2011-01-12 09:41]

There has been a barrage of criticism on China's failure to ban indoor smoking. But little attention has been paid to the social norms which encourage smoking or how to utilize social norms to develop successful campaigns to wipe out smoking.

Unemployment will be a major concern in 2011

[2011-01-10 10:39]

Who will be the savior of the millions of young Chinese students who are graduating in June 2011 and ready to find a job? Can the Chinese economy create millions of new positions for them?

Chinese media step forward

[2011-01-06 14:15]

Can government-funded media outlets provide "true" pictures of China to the world and, perhaps just as importantly, can those media ever be perceived as doing just that?

When abnormality is normal

[2011-01-06 11:24]

The beginning of 2011 sees the happy ending of Guo Yuanrong’s 14-year confinement in a mental hospital in Shiyan City, Hubei province.

English and Chinese make a thoughtful blend

[2010-12-28 09:08]

China's General Administration of Press and Publication issued several bans on the expanding use of English in the media. The regulations are aimed at English incursions into the Chinese language which authorities believe are damaging linguistic integrity.

China's hard-work education miracle

[2010-12-23 16:26]

Less than thirty years after beginning to rebuild the education system, Chinese students from Shanghai topped the world's countries on the 2009 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) test. The results were released earlier this month.

Housing and marriage

[2010-12-23 14:35]

Is it necessary for a young man to have an apartment as a prerequisite for marriage? Yes. In China, which is following its own unique development path different from other developing countries in the world, becoming a husband is not such an easy thing. China may breed a new group of bachelors suffering from unaffordable housing prices.

China Deserves a Pat On the Back

[2010-12-10 14:59]

A randomly selected representative sample of 15-year-old students from Shanghai outperformed their peers from 34 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries according to results from the PISA, one of the two primary measures of worldwide student achievement.

Climate issue goes beyond borders

[2010-12-08 13:43]

Severe temperature changes in the past few years have posed a new round of challenges, causing people to reconsider their lifestyles and reliance on energy resources such as coal and oil that have been blamed for climate change. For China, the climate change issue is especially challenging for a country with the fastest growing economy and a huge population of more than 1.3 billion.

Don't shoot the message provider

[2010-12-08 09:02]

A court in East China's Zhejiang Province ruled Friday that Tencent Computer System Co. Ltd, the owner of QQ, a web messaging service, was partially liable for the death of a Shanghai University student who agreed to a suicide pact via instant QQ messages. But should we shoot the messenger for it?

Growing hope for India-China border solutions

[2010-12-03 10:37]

As the special envoys of the two sides meet in Beijing for the 14th round of border talks, no breakthrough is expected during the ongoing discussion between the representatives of the two nations.

Teaching students to think creatively

[2010-12-01 11:03]

A survey of 21 countries showed that Chinese students tied for last place when it came to using their imagination and were fifth from the bottom in creativity. Chinese students finished first in math.