Opinion / Domestic Affairs

Academic apartheid at Chinese universities

[2010-08-26 11:54]

It is time to end the "academic apartheid" toward the Asian and African schools at Chinese campuses and let us give due importance to those studies and realize the dream of a peaceful and prosperous Asian century.

Try harder to build world-class university system

[2010-08-23 11:33]

In order to retain students, China must endeavor to build a world-class university system. China needs to invest in its universities and really "try harder" to make top flight domestic education a reality.

Substandard surveys are worse than no surveys

[2010-08-18 13:38]

Bloomberg News Service ran the following headline today: "At Least Half of Apartments in Shanghai, Beijing Are Vacant, Daily Reports."

Commercial element of festival is not all bad

[2010-08-16 16:36]

The daughter of the Jade Emperor and Heavenly Queen, the rulers of heavy, falls in love with a cow herder and she marries him.

Driving talent out

[2010-08-11 14:52]

In the midst of efforts to attract talented people to Beijing and make it a world-class city, employers engage in practices that discourage talented people from even applying for jobs here.

The legacy of Games – lining up

[2010-08-09 15:58]

If there is some legacy the spectacular sports gala has left for us, I would like to say the habit of lining up is certainly the one.

Grow up lonely as the one-and-only

[2010-07-30 16:54]

The status of being the only one in the family will certainly affect more than just the childhood of a person, and it will have to take more than just ten or twenty years to define the significance of being the onlies.

What's in Dalai Lama's mind on his birthday?

[2010-07-27 13:52]

A few days ago, the Dalai Lama clique was quite engaged in celebrating the 75th birthday of the 14th Dalai Lama.

Guess what to eat next?

[2010-07-21 08:53]

Thanks to market speculators, the catchword of the moment goes to the homely garlic and the slightly more presentable mung beans, the food market's latest dark horse that hijacked Chinese households.

"2010 flood-fighting spirit" winning applause

[2010-07-23 09:36]

To attain compensation in a natural calamity, people should be fully self-conscious and foster the spiritual disciplines and self-confidence at all times.

Picking a fight

[2010-07-22 09:23]

Chinese hosts and colleagues, please excuse me if this message seems too blunt to be polite. It’s the Western way, you know, to come right to the point.

Traffic should go to the dogs

[2010-07-14 09:25]

Beijing and Mexico City have the worst traffic in the world according to an IBM commuter pain index reported earlier this month.