Opinion / Domestic Affairs

Snatch food from a tiger's mouth

[2010-03-16 20:51]

The most shocking news so far in the Year of the Tiger was the death of 11 tigers at a zoo in Shenyang.

China's English idolatry

[2010-03-16 10:57]

For the majority of the 400 million corps, however well-intended they claim to be, English is all but a fashion, a new flame, a plaything to parade, the same as a Louis Vuitton bag for an itching nouveau riche.

What I learned from CPPCC members

[2010-03-16 10:15]

As a rookie reporter at the two sessions, I was struggling with what questions to ask and how to ask them. I sometimes got lost in the crowd of attendees.

Comment: Deputies' increasing awareness of performing duties welcomed

[2010-03-11 11:07]

I am really impressed by the increasing awareness of NPC deputies and CPPCC members in performing their duties.

Question the new enrollment ways

[2010-03-07 13:26]

"Mom, how can I enter my ideal university if I just don't want to take the national college entrance exams?" asked my 13-year-old son.

Hurdler Liu Xiang a distraction in sessions

[2010-03-05 13:02]

The annual sessions NPC and CPPCC are important events for lawmakers and advisers.However, the news media devoted prime space and time on how the country’s top 110-meter hurdler Liu Xiang was chased by a huge crowd of journalists

Internationalism cannot justify rising housing prices

[2010-03-04 17:52]

A member of the CPPCC, China's top advisory body, was lambasted after he attempted to justify the skyrocketing property prices that shattered many people's dream of having a flat.

Rural-urban income gap is widening

[2010-03-04 17:44]

Reducing the rural-urban income gap has been a priority for Premier Wen, but the gap has continued to widen in recent years, and that could have an effect on the development of China's economy, even pose a threat to social stability.

To be international, English first

[2010-03-03 11:59]

Hainan is going to be a top international tourist destination in 10 years. But let’s think before we leap. Is English well spoken and understood in Hainan?

Traveling in China, Past and Present

[2010-03-02 09:38]

Country Driving is a great book about China, but it's also, quite simply, a great book — the kind that I love to recommend to others and hope that they enjoy as much as I do.

China viewed through two different lenses

[2010-02-26 10:54]

The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll which shows more Americans believe the 21st century will be a China century rather than an American one might again agitate many in the United States and gratify many in China.

What is behind the labor shortage?

[2010-02-25 17:22]

The Chinese Spring Festival has just ended, but anxiety about a shortage of of workers is expanding into many low-end, labor-intensive enterprises in the Yangtze and Pearl River deltas.