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Philanthropy in China: Time for answers

[2010-10-26 13:20]

Two wealthy Americans pitched their concept of philanthropy to the newly wealthy of China at a banquet in late September.

China will not be fooled

[2010-10-23 22:09]

China must stick to its socialist democratic politics with Chinese characteristics, instead of taking the Western mode.

Liu Xiaobo and Nobel Peace Prize are both farce

[2010-10-23 21:37]

The news of Nobel Peace Prize going to Liu Xiaobo, an imprisoned Chinese person, was a surprise to many Chinese people.

Improving tourist sites for English-speakers

[2010-10-13 13:03]

My wife and I were part of the estimated 254 million tourists that visited scenic locales throughout China during the week-long 2010 National Day Holiday.

Wealth gap key issue for China

[2010-10-13 16:44]

After 1978, "New China" changed its social values again since its founding was declared by Chairman Mao Zedong in 1949.

Next step for cross-Straits talks

[2010-10-11 11:08]

if we said negotiation on economic issues was the main task of the past two years, cultural and educational communication would be the emphasis of the next two years.

What are the Chinese waiting for?

[2010-10-06 15:57]

But people don't have to wait too long in order to get a sense of how heavily populated this country has been. A visit to the ongoing Shanghai World Expo could not be more impressed by the seemingly endless queuing.

Education of migrant children should concern us

[2010-09-20 10:45]

There is a well-studied psychological phenomenon called sensory adaptation. What it means is that our responsiveness to a repeated stimulus lessens over time.

In defense of the gaokao

[2010-09-15 09:26]

Unlike in China and other countries such as France, however, where a student's score on the college admissions' tests alone can determine whether that student will qualify to go to a school such as Tsinghua or the Sorbonne

Reflections of a teacher on Teachers' Day

[2010-09-10 15:53]

I am celebrating Teachers' Day of China for the first time. In the US, we don't have a holiday to celebrate teachers, but I wish we did.

Elderly suicide not a noble act

[2010-09-08 13:50]

The theme of this year's World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10 "Many Faces, Many Places," is an accurate reflection of suicide rates in China.

Lose face to find self-respect

[2010-08-29 13:08]

The practice of companies renting Caucasians, who are paid to meet customers and pretend they are employees, is based on the Chinese notion of face.