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A shutdown is not the cure

[2010-02-02 15:56]

On the surface of it, Beijing’s effort to close thousands of liaison offices run by local governments in the Chinese capital – at least some believed to be fertile ground for corruption - should be winning big ovations.

Could Chinese hold a WEF-like event?

[2010-02-02 14:40]

But isn't Prof Schwab's success precisely because he is an individual – admittedly or a very committed sort – free from the organizational fatigue commonly seen in all bureacuracies? Maybe Feng Jun should start one some day.

Leave Confucius alone

[2010-02-01 15:19]

The blockbuster Confucius has not received the expected public praise since its release earlier this month. But I think the real reason for its no-so-good comments are Confucius and his theories, along with a movie about them, aren't suitable for today's China.

Stop energy giants from corruption

[2010-01-28 11:36]

The new National Energy Commission, which was launched on Wednesday, is expected to play a supervisory role for the country's colossal energy giants to fulfill their responsibilities in guaranteeing the country's energy security, instead of making easily-earned hefty monopolistic profit only.

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