Opinion / Domestic Affairs

The recipe of China's food safety crisis

[2011-05-09 15:39]

Every day we worry about the next food time bomb exploding, we just do not know where the site of the blast will be.

Chinese market drives me crazy

[2011-05-05 10:58]

With Chinese market moving head on and forcing fierce competition internationally, many eyebrows are raised and voices of concern put forth. The "China Threat" theory escalated tension among the neighboring countries of China and sent jitters to many across the world.

A few details to work out before NYU arrives

[2011-05-04 14:00]

A roadblock to Americans studying in China has been the perception that Chinese university education is dry- rote learning as opposed to challenging students to think critically. Opening American universities in China will help sweep away the roadblock.

Unbelievable signboard-demolishing movement

[2011-04-30 10:27]

Shenzhen is known as an "experimental field" for China’s reform and opening-up. But the local authorities now seem determined to erase all these fond memories that one can possibly associate with the city.

Why do polls show more satisfied people in China?

[2011-04-25 13:56]

International opinion polls consistently show that the population of China is more satisfied with the direction of their country than people in the US. Naturally, here one is not talking about polls carried out by governments.

A birthday wish for Tsinghua

[2011-04-26 13:23]

Chinese President Hu Jintao urged Tsinghua to enhance "innovation and research capabilities" and encouraged students to develop "innovative minds." Regrettably, research and teaching do not always go hand-in-hand.

'Red songs' alone don't bring on purity

[2011-04-21 10:07]

In Chongqing, it's yesterday once more as a citywide campaign has been launched to popularize 36 "melodic revolutionary songs" among its 30 million citizens.

More empowered women means later marriages

[2011-04-20 15:56]

Women in Hong Kong are making their way to break that glass ceiling and join the club of social elites and rule-makers. The pressure from society, however, has mounted for them as they decided consciously that marriage could be a matter of later or never.

Political reform paved way for economic growth

[2011-04-19 17:24]

China's rapid economic progress shocked the world. It gave people the impression that China only made economic reforms but not political ones. That is not a complete picture. In fact, it is the political reform that has paved the way to rapid economic development.

Time to end the abuse of animals

[2011-04-18 17:11]

Beijing's animal rights activists were caught in a dilemma. As they were trying to save the lives of some 500 dogs on the way to slaughter over the weekend, they helplessly found the law was not on their side.

Chengguan making our streets safe from vendors

[2011-04-15 16:46]

Salute to China's chengguan (urban management officers). They have never let us down in terms of bravery and courage displayed during their battle to ensure that our cities are free from disorder and chaos caused by unlicensed street vendors.

Stereotyping in any form is harmful

[2011-04-13 14:31]

Stereotypes come in many forms, and one of them in China is heaping excessive praise on foreigners for their moral high ground while lambasting the Chinese for their ingrained ugliness in character.