Opinion / Domestic Affairs

Spirit of Qu Yuan still shines today

[2010-06-16 09:19]

The 2,000-year-old Duanwu Festival, or the Dragon Boat Festival, falls on June 16 this year.

Nine suicides highlight the suffering of migrant workers

[2010-05-18 16:17]

The rapid development of Foxconn has become a legend.

Breaking the Foxconn circle of tragedy

[2010-05-24 10:18]

Foxconn may free itself of any legal responsibility over the deaths of its workers. But does it not have any moral obligation?

One million reasons

[2010-05-13 10:04]

Beijing officials are busy with a plan they hope will bolster the city’s reputation, proposing to give 1 million yuan to each of 200 professionals from overseas who agree to work here.

Women's work

[2010-05-12 10:46]

In reality, many Chinese women work as hard as men in fields and factories.

Post-quake rumors harm victims

[2010-05-07 16:56]

It was normal that opinions differed on social support and government aid for the Yushu earthquake.

Fluff flurries

[2010-05-05 08:59]

In some ways, Beijing's plant life is very much like that of the Midwestern American city of Chicago.

Respect for the value of life

[2010-04-21 14:15]

From Wenchuan to Yushu earthquake, the consensus that life must be respected has been reached by the nation. A national day of mourning held in the name of the whole country not only shows the respect for life, but also manifests the toughness and turns grief into strength.

Shanghai Expo convergence of human civilizations, past and future 

[2010-04-29 12:04]

When two different cultures cross paths, it may be coincidence in either time or space; but when almost all the existing cultures converge, it demands more than just luck.

Who should reward winning sports clubs?

[2010-04-29 09:15]

Dongguan municipal government may reward the local basketball club with 8 million yuan. Can the government justify itself to do that?

Yushu: Grace and respect under duress

[2010-04-26 11:16]

Qiang Wei, party secretary of Qinghai province, burst into tears while telling the story of how he saw names of contributors on the collapsed wall of an orphanage in a Yushu village.

Has China's investment environment "deteriorated?"

[2010-04-28 09:49]

However,facts and data have proved that China's investment environment has been continually improving.