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  • UN celebrates Chinese Language Day

    2013-04-26 13:53

    The United Nations marked the fourth Chinese Language Day with a series of special activities in an effort to discover the beauty of Chinese language and highlight the historical importance of Chinese culture.

  • Anhui tightens rules covering historic buildings

    2013-04-18 09:52

    Anhui province will create "identity numbers" for local ancient buildings and ban the removal of ancient structures from the province.

  • Renovation begins on Tibet's Champa Ling Monastery

    2013-04-17 13:45

    Renovation work on the Champa Ling Monastery in Tibet has begun, as part of China's efforts to better protect cultural heritage in the autonomous region, an official said Thursday.

  • Famous emperor's tomb found in Yangzhou

    2013-04-16 09:40

    The tomb of one of the most famous emperors in Chinese history was discovered on Sunday at a construction site in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province.

  • The village is alive

    2013-04-15 09:20

    Zhujiayu, a 600-year-old mountainous village in Zhangqiu, Shandong province, is a good place for some tranquility and to get in touch with nature.

  • 4 more Confucius Institutes open

    2013-04-13 01:29

    The opening of Confucius Institutes in New York and Washington in the past week brings a key part of China's "soft power" initiative to the United States.

  • Wuxia on the Web goes West as genre spreads

    2013-04-13 01:13

    Chinese wuxia series are becoming increasingly popular in the West in a similar fashion to Western TV shows gaining audiences in China.

  • Buddhist temple seeks to preserve on-site buildings

    2013-04-11 15:47

    Experts called for more discussions and consultations on protecting a famous Buddhist temple, which was asked by the local government to remove most of its buildings.

  • Foundation honored

    2013-04-11 15:33

    UNESCO's assistant director-general for strategic planning Hans d'Orville has given an honor certificate to China Cultural Heritage Foundation.

  • Likeng, village as cultural heritage

    2013-04-11 14:13

    Likeng village, located in the Tuochuan township of Wuyuan county, in Jiangxi province, was once known as Liyuan during a time when China was much younger.

  • 2012 a peak year for archaeologists

    2013-04-10 09:30

    Chinese cultural heritage authorities announced the 10 most important archaeological discoveries in 2012 on Tuesday.Art for the ages

  • Warriors to the Golden Gate

    2013-04-08 10:40

    China's Terracotta Warriors are striding into San Francisco. This time, they will come alive with the help of 3-D image technology.Stitches in time