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  • Nanxun ancient town In Zhejiang

    2013-07-12 09:06

    Located 30 kilometers (18.64 miles) East of Huzhou, Zhejiang province, the Ancient Town of Nanxun is a well-known for its rich cultural heritage, boasting a history that dates back 760 years.

  • Intangible cultural heritage: Haha Tune

    2013-07-11 15:32

    As a national intangible cultural heritage, Haha Tune (a local opera) in Qing county, Hebei province has a history spanning 300 years.

  • Siena, a medieval city in Toscana, Italy

    2013-07-11 09:10

    Close encounters with Siena, a medieval city in Toscana.

  • Culture relics find home

    2013-07-10 11:21

    The State Bureau of Cultural Relics recently contributed more than 10,000 pieces of culture relics confiscated by Beijing Customs to the Prince Gong Mansion Museum.

  • First-written Chinese believed to be found

    2013-07-10 10:11

    Experts believe carved symbols found on stone implements and crockery in Zhejiang province date back more than 5,000 years, marking the oldest written Chinese language.

  • Heritage through lenses: Mountain Resort

    2013-07-09 09:45

    The Mountain resort and its Outlying Temples,Chengde

  • World cultural heritage site: Hongcun

    2013-07-08 10:47

    Listed as a world cultural heritage site, ancient village Hongcun preserved to a remarkable extent the surviving examples of Anhui-style architecture and traditional lifestyle.

  • Looted treasures on show

    2013-07-05 09:16

    The new Jiading Museum marked its grand opening with a debut exhibition of four bronze sculptures of animal heads from Yuanmingyuan Garden.

  • Knowledge of the past

    2013-07-04 13:32

    My visit to Jiangtou village feels like a pilgrimage to experience the type of Chinese tradition that has long been forgotten in many parts of the country.

  • Lhasa completes renovation of old city

    2013-07-02 14:48

    Lhasa, the capital city of Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, on Sunday completed renovation of its old city, a bustling cultural and commercial center.

  • Former Residence of Hu Xueyan: beautiful and luxurious

    2013-07-02 09:05

    The residence boasts Zhiyuan Garden, pavilions, terraces, a small bridge over a flowing stream, and bright verandas.

  • Shanghai intangible cultural heritage showcased in Taipei

    2013-07-01 14:20

    An exhibition of intangible cultural heritage from Shanghai is held in Taipei, southeast China's Taiwan, June 29, 2013.