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  • How the language atlas shifts

    2012-09-17 09:08

    One theory about how dialects came into being suggests that it was Northern Chinese who passed on the language to the South, which blended it with local speech.

  • 'Save our cultural code'

    2012-09-17 09:02

    Supporters of a campaign to save China's dialects from dying out are recording representatives from diverse communities in what will become a national project.

  • Passing the torch can be profitable

    2012-09-14 09:34

    An increasing number of China's intangible cultural heritages are doing well by metamorphosing into fashionable items.

  • China at 30 degrees

    2012-09-12 10:08

    Confucius Institutes over the world will use 30 North, a documentary produced by CCTV, as part of its supplementary learning materials.

  • Heritage preservation

    2012-09-12 10:01

    For the first time, China and ASEAN countries shared their experiences in safeguarding intangible cultural heritage at a recent governmental-level seminar in Beijing.

  • Labor of love

    2012-08-31 09:16

    Acclaimed violin maker Zheng Quan has put China in the forefront of making top quality instruments.

  • Difficult to say goodbye

    2012-08-30 09:10

    After more than 40 years at its current location, Beijing Film Studio is being demolished and moving to a swanky site on the outskirts.

  • Unconventional spirituality

    2012-08-28 10:17

    Tenzin Dorje has been called a 'modern Living Buddha'. Liu Wei interviews him in Lhasa and finds out more.

  • Journey to the West

    2012-08-28 09:46

    The country's publishing industry is starting to see returns from its near 10-year going global campaign.

  • Lusheng: national intangible cultural heritage

    2012-08-24 16:19

    Residents play Lusheng in Sanjiang Dong autonomous county, southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

  • Place names abound as Su Shi's legacy

    2012-08-24 15:28

    Like all scholars of ancient China, Su Shi, a.k.a. Su Dongpo, wanted to channel his knowledge into a career in officialdom.

  • 3 years old Sichuan Opera face change performer

    2012-08-24 15:26

    A combination photo shows the four masks three-year-old Shi Zhixuan changed during practice at home in Guilin.