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  • All you wanted to know about hutong

    2012-06-15 09:41

    Hutong (alleys) and siheyuan (courtyard houses) are considered representative of Beijing's urban cultural traditions.

  • Folk events mark Dragon Boat Festival

    2012-06-13 13:31

    Jiaxing in Zhejiang province and Zigui in Hubei province will hold grand folk cultural festivals to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival on June 23.

  • Traditional embroidery endangered

    2012-06-13 08:51

    The traditional embroidery of Zhuang ethnic style has become endangered owing to the development of modern society.

  • UK Mandarin pupils learning to persevere

    2012-06-13 08:47

    Headmasters Anthony Seldon hopes to demonstrate his struggles when learning Mandarin to encourage his pupils persevere in their own learning.

  • Stone village well-preserved in S China

    2012-06-11 15:42

    Stone houses, stone walls, stone steps and stone bridges are still well-preserved here after a history of more than 350 years.

  • Unearthing warriors' colorful past

    2012-06-11 09:18

    Archeologists working on the latest dig at the site of the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an say the project has already turned up vital historical finds.

  • Facts of the Terracotta Figures

    2012-06-11 09:13

    Emperor Qin Shi Huang (259-210 BC) came to the throne of the Qin kingdom at the age of 13, and took the helm of the state at the age of 22.

  • Experience art, up close and personal

    2012-06-08 09:33

    Dong Zhuo jumps off from a giant 5-meter shelf like an acrobat, with paint brushes in his hands and colorful stains on his T-shirt.

  • A day to honor China's heritage

    2012-06-07 13:37

    The Ministry of Culture announced a series of activities to celebrate China's 7th Cultural Heritage Day.

  • Laowai Not: Western seeds for TCM

    2012-06-04 10:28

    Thomas Garran,an American studied herbal medicine in the US and is now at home in China, spreading his knowledge about the power of plants.

  • US students spend summer learning Peking Opera

    2012-06-01 13:27

    U.S. students learn Peking Opera at Liaocheng University in East China's Shandong province, May 31, 2012.

  • Museum exhibits history's playful side

    2012-06-01 11:02

    An ongoing exhibition of traditional toys at the National Art Museum of China answers this question in a fun, even playful way.