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  • New children's book traces feather journey

    2013-10-15 07:39

    A Feather is a newly released picture book by two veteran authors - a writer from China and a writer-cum-illustrator from Brazil, targeted at young readers.

  • For the love of Wuhan

    2013-10-15 07:39

    Fang Fang writes novels, prose, historical stories and travel logs.

  • Storytelling queen

    2013-10-15 07:39

    Author Fang Fang says she is full of story ideas but does not have enough time to write.

  • Hong Kong in focus

    2013-10-13 08:21

    Banker-turned-photography buff Peter Lau believes Hong Kong's artists rank among the world's best. Rebecca Lo zooms in on Asia One's various offspring.

  • Mo Yan's Nobel win brings village a change of plot

    2013-10-12 09:43

    Chinese people had never paid more attention to the annual Nobel literature award — which on Thursday went to Canadian writer Alice Munro — than they did last year when Mo Yan became China's first winner of the prize.

  • Writers chase their authorial dreams online

    2013-10-10 10:14

    Changing world of publishing offers new possibilities for success. Some popular Chinese online writers can make more than 30 million yuan in a five-year period.

  • Prize recognizes lifelong passion for mother tongue

    2013-10-08 11:37

    Yoza Suryawan, an 80-year-old Chinese Indonesian publisher, tried hard to hold his sobs when accepting the 2013 Special Book Award in Beijing.

  • Chance leads to a divine new path

    2013-10-08 11:07

    Author Zhao Defa expands his boundaries with an exploration into the survival of Chinese Buddhism in modern-day society.

  • Publishing start-ups show off innovation

    2013-10-08 10:13

    A rush of publishing start-ups and ever new ways to lure readers was a central theme at one of the world's biggest book fairs opening in Germany in early October.

  • Rhythm and rhyme of love everlasting

    2013-10-08 10:04

    Seventeen years after well-known poet Ai Qing passed away, his wife of more than 40 years says she still misses the man, ever more intensely.

  • Two writers and a marriage made in literary heaven

    2013-10-05 07:37

    Chongqing-born writer Hong Ying, whose influential works have been published in foreign languages since the 1990s, first met Adam Williams at a friend's party.

  • Chinese critical responses

    2013-10-05 07:37

    History and time traveling to the past are favorite themes in recent publications that cater to the taste of the popular books market in the country.

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