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  • Lu Xun the legacy

    2011-09-23 13:17

    Does the man who is considered a giant of 20th century literature continue to influence the current generation of writers and readers?

  • The best is yet to come, says Mao Dun winner

    2011-09-21 10:21

    "The great novel that matches the great times has yet to be written," Mo Yan says at the awards ceremony of the Mao Dun Literature Prize.

  • Define wine with an Asian vocabulary, enjoy it more

    2011-09-20 11:16

    Newcomers to wine tasting in China may be confused about some of its standard descriptions.

  • Murder most foul

    2011-09-16 10:59

    The death of a young English woman in 1930s Beijing has a new book and ending. Chitralekha Basu reports.

  • Overkill or added value?

    2011-09-16 10:21

    Abigail Howell, Penguin China's publicity manager, concedes the campaign to promote Midnight in Peking is "certainly ambitious".

  • Book demystifies nation's reform and development

    2011-09-16 10:08

    Li Yining's book, Economic Reform and Development - the Chinese Way, helps to demystify China's reform and development.

  • Worth 1,000 words

    2011-09-14 16:40

    Picture books that were once all the rage have now become collectors' items, but new efforts are being made to make them mainstream once again.

  • Ranking the books

    2011-09-13 11:49

    The best selling imported business and investing TITLES on

  • New book shows another side to former first lady Kennedy

    2011-09-13 11:48

    A new book talks about a side of Jacqueline Kennedy only friends and family knew.

  • Climate relativist challenges the new orthodoxy

    2011-09-09 13:34

    Geologist Salomon Kroonenberg shares his views on Earth in the new book "Why Hell Stinks of Sulfur".

  • Ex-leader's new book already a hot seller

    2011-09-09 13:28

    A new book by former Chinese premier Zhu Rongji went on sale at the country's bookstores on Thursday, welcomed by Chinese readers who hail the Zhu-style directness in the book.

  • Curious first look

    2011-09-09 11:42

    The just concluded 18th Beijing International Book Fair had a distinct orange flavor, with the Netherlands as the Country of Honor.