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  • Eastern mystic

    2012-06-05 09:51

    Writer Bill Porter may be American but he is best known as an authority on Chinese religious culture. Yang Guang finds out what intrigues Porter so much that he keeps coming back.

  • How a simple story grows with multimedia

    2012-06-01 14:52

    Frankfurt StoryDrive China gathered experts to discuss how an interesting story can snowball to become a huge economic profit in the age of trans-media.

  • The Newlyweds (Alfred A. Knopf)

    2012-05-29 13:15

    Marriage has been a hotly discussed topic since President Barack Obama voiced his support for same-sex unions, but Nell Freudenberger looks at the institution from a different perspective in The Newlyweds.

  • SecondWorld (Thomas Dunne Books)

    2012-05-29 13:14

    The popcorn novel of the summer has arrived, and Jeremy Robinson delivers an action fest that rivals the best of James Rollins, Clive Cussler and Matthew Reilly.

  • Cliff Walk (Forge Books)

    2012-05-29 13:12

    In his Edgar Award-winning first novel, Rogue Island, Bruce DeSilva introduced readers to the affable Liam Mulligan, a crime-solving reporter for the fictional Providence Dispatch.

  • Go West

    2012-05-29 10:50

    While the publishing industry has been struggling to make ends meet in the last five years, Chinese company CYPI Press has done well by having its business based overseas.

  • Acquisition is the way

    2012-05-29 10:23

    Phoenix Publishing & Media Group announced its foray into the UK during 2012 London Book Fair, joining the increasing number of Chinese publishers who are going abroad.

  • A classy little primer on the country's education

    2012-05-22 14:07

    Lisa Carducci has no intention of leaving China. The educator, philanthropist and writer who has lived in the country since 1991 is among the first to receive permanent resident status in China.

  • A blind woman's talent for words

    2012-05-22 10:15

    Shi Ran's computer doesn't have a screen - she doesn't need it.

  • Reading without seeing

    2012-05-22 09:40

    A library for people with visual disabilities is rewriting the book on providing services for the blind.

  • Magazine on queer films

    2012-05-16 17:11

    A ceremony was held on May 9 to launch the fifth volume of Youth Film Handbook magazine at China Agricultural University.

  • Publisher seals China connection with her art book

    2012-05-15 14:29

    Canadian publisher Pia Copper personifies the characteristics of a rat, the Chinese horoscope year in which she was born.