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  • Mike Stilkey's book art

    2012-07-12 10:57

    Mike Stilkey's "Full of Smiles and Soft Attention" arrives in Hong Kong.

  • Rowling's adult fiction debuts in Sept

    2012-07-10 10:12

    Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling's first foray into adult fiction hits shelves on Sept 27.

  • Book celebrates tennis at Olympics

    2012-07-10 10:09

    The International Tennis Federation has launched a book celebrating the sport's participation at the Olympics.

  • Reporter writes about TV ratings

    2012-07-10 10:08

    A television reporter walks out of the newsroom after a spat with her boss, setting out on an impulsive road trip that eventually puts her life back on track.

  • The future is now in China

    2012-07-10 10:04

    Chongqing Publishing House has released the Chinese version of the future-telling book, Physics of the Future, by theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku.

  • Translation is kids' stuff at Beijing academy

    2012-07-10 10:02

    A group of children in Beijing has translated a series of picture books, originally by four Spanish painters and writers, from English to Chinese.

  • Athlete authors

    2012-07-10 09:31

    Athlete authors and their published books.

  • High hopes

    2012-07-10 09:30

    Olympic volleyball player Zhao Ruirui is developing a new career as a popular fantasy fiction novelist.

  • Books to connect cultures

    2012-07-04 14:02

    Donation to Japan university library may 'open a window' to students.

  • A sensitive subject

    2012-07-03 11:06

    Northern Girls: Life Goes On, tells of a migrant woman worker who has to deal with men's perception of her sexuality and the struggle for survival.

  • A new literature project bears fruit

    2012-07-03 10:50

    China International Publishing Group and Writers Publishing Group has made a significant step forward in the Chinese literature going global campaign with a new project.

  • Novel weaves Chinese and Western elements

    2012-07-03 10:46

    Chinese-Canadian writer Chen He weaves stories he saw, heard and experienced into his most recent novel Red, Black and White.