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  • Shanghai Metro offers passengers books to borrow

    2013-08-27 10:29

    Shanghai's Metro Line 2 is turning a new page with a library taking literally an online approach.

  • Niche literary leader

    2013-08-27 09:54

    Thanks to his rich experience, diligent studies and daring explorations, Uygur writer Alat Asem has become an eloquent spokesman for his people.

  • Book fair attracts more digital and foreign publishers

    2013-08-27 09:17

    The 20th Beijing International Book Fair will kick off at the new China International Exhibition Center in Beijing's Shunyi district on Wednesday.

  • Translators need to strike a balance

    2013-08-19 23:03

    Cultural identity, the spirit of introspection and writers'mission are among the topics that Syrian-born poet Adonis explored with Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan and other Chinese writers.

  • Part-time poets are on the rise

    2013-08-19 23:02

    At the Qinghai Lake International Poetry Festival in August, about 150 Chinese poets got together to celebrate.

  • Poetry with power

    2013-08-19 22:56

    In the information age, when poetry has been crowded out of the public sphere by the Internet, television, films and novels, Syrian-born poet Adonis is still enthusiastically greeted by Chinese fans.

  • New children's encyclopaedia published in Shanghai

    2013-08-15 16:53

    The sixth edition of the popular children's encyclopaedia "One Hundred Thousand Whys" has been published.

  • Kids' reading style

    2013-08-15 15:19

    Shanghai Book Fair, which is held during the summer vacation, has been popular amongst children.

  • Shanghai book fair takes measures to cool down readers

    2013-08-15 09:06

    The Shanghai Book Fair opened on Wednesday with organizers taking measures to help shield visitors from an ongoing heat wave.

  • 2013 Shanghai Book Fair kicks off

    2013-08-14 15:41

    The 2013 Shanghai Book Fair kicks off in Shanghai on August 14, 2013.

  • Reading to get new push in law

    2013-08-14 11:06

    China is planning to include fostering the habit of reading in its law.

  • Tiger Moms not always the best parents

    2013-08-13 07:25

    When Princeton professor and author Amy Chua published Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother in 2011, the resulting media melee seemed to tap into a simmering vat of insecurities about the economic rise of China.