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  • Playful prose

    2013-07-09 14:17

    Storyteller Peter Hessler embraces humor to depict life in China. Writing in first-person narrative, Hessler's work now appears online and elsewhere in Chinese.

  • Author Feng Jicai wins culture award

    2013-07-08 15:12

    Feng Jicai, a well-known author of "scar literature", "retrospective literature" and "culture novels", has won the 22nd Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award.

  • Shanghai to host expanded book fair

    2013-07-04 09:34

    The Shanghai Book Fair will celebrate its 10th birthday with a bigger and longer session in August.

  • Unraveling the secrets of the Silk Road

    2013-07-02 14:22

    Traditional Chinese medical practitioners have often promoted the Chinese belief that foods have intrinsic "hot" and "cold" properties, but readers might be surprised to learn that the idea actually originated in Greece with the physician Hippocrates (460 BC).

  • The art of the sleuth

    2013-07-02 11:15

    Former FBI investigator Robert King Wittman has written a book about his career tracking down the world's top art thieves.

  • Q & A with the investigator

    2013-07-02 11:09

    Q & A with the investigator Robert King Wittman

  • Tricks of the trade

    2013-07-02 11:03

    After reading former FBI agent Robert King Wittman's book about tracking down art thieves, screenwriter and critic Shi Hang says Wittman is a real-life Indiana Jones.

  • Young writers step up

    2013-06-25 10:13

    Chinese writers under 30 are stepping into the limelight with the New Wave series released in June.Yi's history  Picturing a different dream

  • Yi's history

    2013-06-25 10:13

    Retired academic Yi Zhongtian is embarking on his most ambitious project to date — a series of books detailing thousands of years of Chinese history.

  • IN BRIEF (June 18)

    2013-06-18 07:24

    Latest book news around the world

  • History and forgetting

    2013-06-18 14:18

    Rana Mitter is determined to shed light on what is often seen in the West - although clearly not in China - as the forgotten war.

  • A journey of heartbreak and discovery

    2013-06-18 10:03

    Christoph stepped out of his apartment in Beijing on his 26th birthday.