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  • Journey to the West

    2012-08-28 09:46

    The country's publishing industry is starting to see returns from its near 10-year going global campaign.

  • More about love

    2012-08-24 13:58

    If you were touched by the 2007 movie of finding true love at the end of life, you can talk with writer Yu Hua and Spanish literature expert Chen Zhongyi at the book launch for the first authorized Chinese version of El Amor en Los Tiempos del Colera (Love in the Time of Cholera).

  • 'Di the Pretty'

    2012-08-21 09:51

    Popular young writer Di An has the pedigree to represent her generation as she emphasizes the individual rather than the group.

  • Book fair kicks off in Shanghai

    2012-08-15 17:00

    Book fair kicks off in Shanghai

  • Bookstore: a good place for students to spend vacation

    2012-08-14 14:48

    Bookstore: a good place for students to spend vacation.

  • 'Treasure Island' return

    2012-08-14 11:10

    Writer Andrew Motion, England's former poet laureate, is taking a new generation of readers back to "Treasure Island" in his latest book.

  • Billy Crystal learns to laugh at himself

    2012-08-14 11:04

    Billy Crystal will share his comedic views on life and aging in a new memoir to be published on his 65th birthday in March 2013.

  • Fun ways to raise kids

    2012-08-14 10:53

    Magic of Super Mom is a collection of tips on how to play games with babies between infancy and 3 years old.

  • Three biographies in one book

    2012-08-14 10:49

    A collection of three biographies on Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and V.L. Lenin has been released recently.

  • Captivating characters

    2012-08-14 10:25

    Hailed as one of China's best children's picture book creators, Xiong Liang says every time he hosts a reading club, it goes on for longer than he expects.

  • Xiong's works

    2012-08-14 10:20

    Works of Xiong Liang, the author of children's picture books.

  • 250,000 books at Royal Festival Hall

    2012-08-01 13:23

    A gallery assistant poses inside a labyrinth installation made up of 250,000 books titled "aMAZEme" at the Royal Festival Hall.