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  • Steve Jobs biography debuts in China

    2011-10-25 13:04

    The Chinese version of the authorized new biography of Steve Jobs was released in bookstores across China Oct 24, 2011.

  • When the tough get going

    2011-10-25 10:47

    Former vice-minister of commerce Wei Jianguo sums up his seminal contributions to expanding Sino-African trade in his just released memoir.

  • Climber explores life's peaks and troughs

    2011-10-21 10:20

    Climber and record breaker Thomas Bubendorfer is used to facing death and this has driven him to think about the meaning of life.

  • Beijing's kids in Wonderland

    2011-10-21 10:19

    Holding The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton, 22-year-old Wang Miao says she has finally found her dream job - recommending and reading books to children.

  • One writer's heavenly mission

    2011-10-21 10:12

    Mao Dun Literature Prize winner Liu Xinglong has been recognized for his poetic evocation of the bitterness of country life.

  • Book fair goers want more literary exports

    2011-10-19 16:50

    Western audiences should have access to more cultural products and publications that convey the views of Chinese writers, journalists and artists.

  • Grand old dame of Russell Street

    2011-10-19 10:19

    A London bookshop that has been standing for 108 years remains the city's leading store for English books on China.

  • Ranking the books

    2011-10-11 11:33

    The best selling imported business and investing TITLES on

  • Port city is inspiration for this writer

    2011-10-07 16:39

    For red-haired Sumi Seissinger, Dalian is a delectable place. She can speak for hours about this coastal city in Liaoning province.

  • Time tells for Eileen Chang

    2011-09-30 13:44

    The late author's two-volume autobiographical novels had no takers in 1963, but have now seen the light of day.

  • Colin Powell leadership book due out in 2012

    2011-09-26 11:30

    Colin Powell's new book, "It Workef for Me: Lessons in Leadership and Life" is a story of success.

  • Writer's grandson makes three wishes that are coming true

    2011-09-23 13:18

    Zhou Lingfei, grandson of Lu Xun, says that before his father Zhou Hai-ying passed away in April, he expressed three wishes.