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  • Fruits of the fair

    2011-09-09 10:20

    The 18th Beijing International Book Fair wrapped up on Sunday. Here's a list of the editor's picks of the English versions of Chinese books.

  • Princess pens her own fairy tale for kids

    2011-09-05 10:55

    When talking about her personal struggles, the charming royal etiquette of Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands gave way to a natural outflow of affection.

  • What they say

    2011-09-02 11:37

    What people had to say about Robert Lawrence Kuhn's new book, How China's Leaders Think.

  • A promising premise that falls flat

    2011-09-02 10:54

    There is no denying that Sophie Hannah is a gifted storyteller. Her sharp, smart prose is refreshingly crisp, an unadorned narrative that complements her often far-left-of-center plots and characters.

  • Telling it like it is

    2011-09-02 10:53

    Analyst and TV personality Robert Lawrence Kuhn is supportive of China but insists he's only speaking the truth 'wherever it falls'. Chitralekha Basu reports.

  • Dutch add flavor to book fair

    2011-09-01 11:52

    A Dutch flavor will spice up the annual Beijing International Book Fair, the fourth largest of its kind in the world, which officially opened on Aug 31 in Beijing.

  • Blair bares all

    2011-09-01 11:05

    Tony Blair's most recent visit to China was to promote his autobiography, A Journey, which has been translated into Chinese, with a new forward.

  • Le Clezio continues a long journey

    2011-08-26 10:58

    J.M.G. Le Clezio is no stranger to China. His latest visit to Shanghai Book Fair was his sixth time in the country.

  • Love's labors pay rich dividends in Philippines

    2011-08-24 09:06

    In the fantasy world created by Philippine publishing giant Precious Hearts Romances, the men are rich, sexual promiscuity and homosexuals are taboo, and the story always ends happily after 128 pages.

  • Conveying the magic of Marquez

    2011-08-19 10:48

    When Fan Ye started to translate One Hundred Years of Solitude into Chinese, the Spanish teacher at Peking University didn't expect it to be so successful.

  • Right to rewrite?

    2011-08-19 10:10

    Criticism of Chinese authors includes the claim the only reason some have an int'l following is because their translators have done such a great job.

  • Balancing the books

    2011-08-16 11:30

    Traditional bookstores are thinking outside of the box to stay in business.