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  • Excerpts from Liu's work

    2012-05-15 14:23

    Selected verses from The Three-Character Primer of Film.

  • Film by the book

    2012-05-15 14:22

    Moviemaker Liu Cheng's 900-character book about his craft has earned him a place among the elite of cinema theorists.

  • Anita Leung announces her magnum opus

    2012-05-08 11:14

    Having produced more than 140 books, mostly business-themed novels, Hong Kong writer Anita Leung (Leung Fung-yee) intends to wrap up her writing career with a trilogy called Our Stories.

  • A gigantic talent

    2012-05-08 10:15

    Zhang Wei's writings reflect an amazing stamina. The author who prefers solitude shares the secret of his vigor with Chitralekha Basu and Zhao Ruixue.

  • What they say

    2012-05-08 10:14

    Zhang Wei's spiritual world is full of contradictions and conflicts. This is the source of his vitality and charm, but this is also where his limitation lies.

  • Rural revelation

    2012-05-02 18:07

    Sun Shixiang, who wrote Story of a God, dies as a little-known author. But his candid fiction on China's countryside is set to raise his profile.

  • A balance of fact and fiction

    2012-05-02 17:45

    China Daily reporter Mei Jia interviewed Ha Jin on Nanjing Requiem, his latest book, which has been released in both Chinese and English.

  • Characters come alive in lively language and dialect

    2012-05-02 17:45

    Author of Story of a God Sun Shixiang succeeds in creating many unforgettable characters, apart from the protagonist, in succinct language peppered with local dialect.

  • London book fair

    2012-04-24 16:33

    "China believes that it will open an important window for foreign people to take a closer look at Chinese culture and provide a prime opportunity for Chinese publishers to learn from international peers."

  • Booming cultural presence

    2012-04-20 13:13

    This year's London Book Fair was the start of a new chapter for the "going out" of China's publishing industry.

  • Book deal opens new chapter in nation's cultural exchange

    2012-04-19 15:11

    Book readers in China and the West will have a greater opportunity to experience each other's culture, after a key deal was signed between leading Chinese and British publishers.

  • All eyes on China at book fair

    2012-04-18 17:16

    Chinese culture is taking central stage and market focus at the 2012 London Book Fair, which opens on Monday.