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  • Spanish, Mandarin literature exchange gets a boost

    2013-09-10 11:23

    There are more than a billion Mandarin speakers and about 400 million Spanish speakers in the world. There should be massive exchanges of ideas and texts between these two languages.

  • Book briefs

    2013-09-10 11:11

    In 2011 - two years after Jackson's tragic death - Cascio published the book My Friend Michael, to reveal "an ordinary friendship with an extraordinary man".

  • Quest for the right words

    2013-09-10 10:56

    Novelist Zhang Wei has become a literary icon in China thanks to his prolific but diligent work.

  • The write experience

    2013-09-09 10:32

    A program brings foreign writers to Shanghai in hopes that the city would help shape their works. Some came with specific goals: To find good places to kill, to get lost or to discover new characters.

  • Chinese literature translation contest launched

    2013-09-03 14:28

    A translation contest of contemporary works in Chinese language was launched Monday to expand the country's cultural influence.

  • Fair looks beyond stereotypes of Saudi lit

    2013-09-03 09:25

    Veils, robes, conservative and distant. If you still think of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this way, it's time to refresh the stereotype.

  • Shandong's inky heart

    2013-09-03 09:00

    Writers from Shandong province, where Confucius was born, brought the freshness of the seacoast to the 2013 Beijing International Book Fair that wrapped up on Sunday.

  • Top novelist makes debut in English

    2013-09-03 02:12

    English-language editions of two entertaining and insightful novels written by one of China's most accomplished novelists, the late Lao She, will soon be on bookshelves around the country.

  • 20th Beijing Int'l Book Fair kicks off

    2013-08-29 09:27

    Over 2,000 publishers from 76 countries and regions take part in the 20th Beijing International Book Fair in Beijing, capital of China.

  • Textbooks on Chinese Calligraphy released

    2013-08-27 17:44

    Chinese Calligraphy, an established step-by-step set of textbooks on the title subject is releasing its international versions.

  • To know the ethnic groups, read their prose

    2013-08-27 14:21

    Aydos Amantay, a young Kazak writer who grew up in Beijing, pulls the reader's heartstrings with his passionate confession about the loss of his cultural roots.

  • Mobile library in Hebei is a success story

    2013-08-27 11:09

    A mobile library is proving popular with book lovers in Shijiazhuang.The library, launched on Aug 18, was set up by the Hebei provincial library and is visiting various city communities every Saturday.