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  • Trade teaches us all about exchanges

    2012-07-24 10:27

    Peking University Press has released All Are Exchanges, a book about business strategies focusing on exchanges.

  • Stories from the angle of a son

    2012-07-24 10:23

    Writer Liu Hongqing has written a new book on famed Chinese author Shen Congwen, based on dialogues with Shen's eldest son Shen Longzhu.

  • Mind the gap, a break from reality

    2012-07-24 10:21

    Wu Fei's gap year trip to New Zealand put him in the spotlight and made him money. His book Gap Year on a Working Holiday Visa has sold over 50,000 copies.

  • Closing the cultural divide

    2012-07-24 09:59

    His vision is a world that better understands China. His mission is to start with building bridges in the United States. Zhao Qiguang shares his dreams.

  • Chinese sci-fi saga to have English edition

    2012-07-23 09:22

    The Three Body trilogy, one of the most popular Chinese-language science fiction novels, will be published in English soon, a publishing company.

  • Passing of a human treasure

    2012-07-17 09:56

    Some countries designate special individuals as "Living Human Treasures". China does not, but if it did, Zhou Ruchang would have qualified.

  • Home away from home

    2012-07-17 09:51

    Zhu Sixiong interviewed 27 soldiers during his 13-day trip to Nansha Islands, in his book An In-depth Exploration of the Nansha Islands.

  • Island exploration

    2012-07-17 09:37

    A former People's Daily military reporter provides his thoughts on Nansha Islands in a new book.

  • A new chapter for Beijing's libraries

    2012-07-17 09:02

    Self-service libraries have gathered attention in Beijing. Containing more than 400 books, they allow users to borrow and return books 24-hours a day.

  • Getting behind the stories

    2012-07-16 14:56

    A Shanghai university professor savors the literary power of Hans Christian Andersen, Xu Junqian discovers.

  • Will the real Andersen please stand up

    2012-07-16 14:39

    The thing about the Hans Christian Andersen stories is that you can read them as a child, then read them again years later and get an entirely new appreciation.

  • Historical novel made into movie

    2012-07-13 16:26

    Director Wang Quan’an has adapted White Deer Plain, a historical novel about two peasant families, into a 160-minute movie, to be released on Sept 13.