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  • 2012 Tibet Yarlung Cultrual Festival opens

    2012-08-16 14:19

    2012 Tibet Yarlung Cultrual Festival opens.

  • Historic palace site to be elevated

    2012-08-15 13:19

    A 600-year-old religious building in Central China will be raised 15 meters above ground by the end of the year to keep it from being inundated by a water project.

  • Heritage on the verge of extinction

    2012-08-15 09:47

    When a place in China is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is normally associated with money making. But Nanxijiang is an exception.

  • Turning the page

    2012-08-15 09:40

    Zeya mountain area has a 1,000-year-old tradition of bamboo papermaking. Zhang Zixuan visits 'Paper Mountain' to learn how it is made.

  • Chinese Fish Paintings

    2012-08-14 16:36

    The words for fish and abundance are pronounced the same in Chinese  so the fish in the Chinese culture symbolizes wealth.

  • Lacquer Engraving

    2012-08-14 16:03

    Traditional lacquer engraving technology, lacquer engraving was a technique widely applied on the lacquer ware of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

  • A Seat of Power

    2012-08-14 16:01

    The word jiaoyi refers to a folding chair in use in China. Because the shape of its crossed legs resembles the Chinese word "交" (jiao), this chair is named as jiaoyi.

  • Award-winning Inkstick Designer in E China

    2012-08-14 15:57

    Xiang Shengli, 43, carried forward the craftsmanship of designing and making inksticks from his father, an senior craftsman in this business.

  • A language to love

    2012-08-14 13:50

    "I speak the language I love, for that is me myself, I teach the language I love to children, to let them know who they are."

  • The art of China watching

    2012-08-14 09:11

    He has spent the better part of his 20s in China, studying and writing about what he sees. Now, Kato Yoshikazu is leaving and wants to share his thoughts.

  • Kaifeng to restore historical image

    2012-08-13 16:56

    The local government in Kaifeng, an ancient city in Central China's Henan province, plans to restore the city’s historical appearance of its downtown.

  • Qipao 2.0

    2012-08-13 15:57

    Can a traditional dress adapt to modern tastes? You bet, today's style-makers tell Tiffany Tan.