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  • Ancient town in C China

    2013-08-07 14:43

    As a former local trade center located on old trade routes, the town boasts more than 700 well-preserved ancient buildings dating back to the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty.

  • Ancient buildings rebuilt in E China village

    2013-08-07 09:34

    Now 87 ancient buildings have been renovated or rebuilt in Huangshan city, East China's Anhui province, in a bid to protect and restore the historical interests and enliven the former scenes of local residents' life.

  • Imperial delight

    2013-08-06 11:03

    The Empress Dowager Cixi watched some 260 operas at the grand theater in the Summer Palace. It is now restored to its former glory and opened to the public.

  • Secrets of Hexi Corridor

    2013-08-05 11:00

    Hexi Corridor in Northwest China's Gansu province refers to a string of oases stretching for some 1,000 kilometers from the Wushaoling hillside near Lanzhou to the Jade Gate, at the border of Gansu and Xinjiang.

  • Tangka Art Exposition opens in Lhasa

    2013-08-05 10:54

    The third Tangka Art Exposition lowered its curtain on Saturday as a total of over 230 pieces of Tangka works were displayed during the nine-day exhibition.

  • Hunxiu Bridge hit by floods

    2013-08-02 15:05

    Huanxiu Bridge after the flood.

  • Private museums increasingly under spotlight

    2013-08-02 14:47

    To a casual observer, the collection at Jibaozhai Museum may have appeared to be a treasure trove. Its walls were lined with priceless relics from Chinese palaces and rare chinaware.

  • Capturing memories of brick and stone

    2013-08-02 14:35

    His images document ancient architecture in all its glory, worn and battered by time and use but true to its original form.

  • Bridging hope and history

    2013-08-02 14:13

    An unexpected disaster has become a rallying call to preserve heirloom and heritage, galvanizing a whole community into realizing how fragile some traditions can become.

  • Taking a bite of the Silk Road

    2013-08-02 13:58

    Exotic delicacies like Persian bread, Indian desserts and Arabic naan, among other foods, abounded on the Silk Road, as evidenced by the frescoes in the Mogao Caves at Dunhuang, Gansu province.

  • Experts investigate Silk Road's ancestors

    2013-08-02 11:10

    When German geographer Ferdinand von Richthofen coined the term "Silk Road" in 1877, he may have never imagined that similar roads had existed long before the ancient trade route originated in the 1st century BC.

  • Inheriting traditional tin pot technique

    2013-08-01 13:50

    Chen Baoyu, who was born in 1980, is the 4th generation of craftsmen to make tin pots, in Mengcheng county, Anhui province and mastered the skill at an early age.