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  • Ceremony welcomes relics' return to China

    2013-07-01 09:55

    Two imperial bronze sculptures that were looted from Beijing's Yuanmingyuan Garden were handed over to the National Museum of China during a donation ceremony held on Friday.

  • China to help conserve Angkor World Heritage Site

    2013-06-28 13:57

    Cambodia's Apsara Authority and China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation signed a MoU for conservation and sustainable development in Angkor World Heritage Site and Siem Reap region.

  • World heritage: Old Rauma, Finland

    2013-06-28 10:39

    Situated on the Gulf of Botnia, southwest Finland, Old Rauma is the largest unified historical wooden town in the Nordic countries with an area of 28 hectares and 600 buildings.

  • Wine vessels in Tibet

    2013-06-28 09:41

    As an old Tibetan saying goes, wine is to the Tibetans what willow leaves to goats. Therefore, the love for wine cradles a shared hobby of all walks of life in Tibet, collecting wine vessels.

  • World heritage: Hatra, Iraq

    2013-06-27 10:49

    The remains of Hatra, an ancient city 110 kilometers southwest of Mosul, Iraq, was inscribed onto the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

  • World heritage: Angkor, Cambodia

    2013-06-27 10:21

    The Bayon Temple is part of the Angkor World Heritage site as listed by UNESCO in 1992. The temple has 49 "face towers" all with smiling faces, which represent the Khmer people.

  • Stunning photos of Hani terrace

    2013-06-26 16:13

    The UNESCO's World Heritage Committee inscribed China's cultural landscape of Honghe Hani Rice Terraces onto the prestigious World Heritage List.

  • Looted relics to return home this week

    2013-06-26 13:53

    Two pieces of looted Chinese cultural relics, bronze sculptures of a rabbit head and a rat head, are expected to return to China this week.

  • Bearer of Tibetan carpet in Qinghai

    2013-06-26 09:55

    Fifty-one year old Yang Yongliang is an inheritor of the Jiaya Tibetan carpet, a state-level intangible cultural heritage, in Jiaya village, Huangzhong county, Northwest China's Qinghai province.

  • Ancient Chinese documents win UNESCO documentary recognition

    2013-06-25 16:12

    China's official archives relating to Tibet in the Yuan Dynasty and documents showing the ancient financial and messaging service operated between overseas Chinese and relatives back home have won a major UNESCO recognition.

  • 4th Intl Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage closes

    2013-06-25 09:42

    Artists perform during the closing ceremony of the 4th International Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province.

  • Hani terrace:a new World Heritage site

    2013-06-24 13:03

    China's Honghe Hani Rice Terraces is now a World Heritage site, with its induction into World Heritage List on June 22.