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  • Local small tourism businesses

    2012-03-27 14:09

    There are few tourists taking the rickshaws in the soon-to-be renovated area surrouding Beijing's drum and bell towers in the cold months, even though they stock blankets.

  • Four generations

    2012-03-27 13:57

    At age 90, Zhang Wenxiang says he's probably the oldest resident of Beijing's drum and bell tower area.

  • Yao's Chao Gan

    2012-03-27 13:52

    Every hour is peak hour at Yao's Chao Gan restaurant.

  • A contemporary caveman

    2012-03-27 10:26

    Rahman Amut leads a hermit-like existence, guarding the ancient Kizilgahr Grottoes in a remote desert. Shao Wei reports in Kuqa county, Xinjiang.

  • Wherever you are, roots will draw you back

    2012-03-22 17:12

    Chinese people from all over the world will gather on March 24 in Xinzheng, central China's Henan province, to attend an annual ritual to worship their ancestor, Emperor Huang or Huangdi.

  • Studying in Buddhist Academy of Emei Mountain

    2012-03-21 09:22

    Established in 1927, the Buddhist Academy of Emei Mountain, covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters presently, has courses mainly on Buddhism studying.

  • Balancing the start of spring is no yoke

    2012-03-20 15:38

    Children balance eggs in Zhuji, Zhejiang province, March 20, 2012, to mark start of spring, or Chunfen in Chinese.

  • Girl teaches kungfu to 40 foreigners

    2012-03-20 14:40

    Liu Yi, a 21-year-old senior girl student majoring in Chinese martial arts, teaches martial arts to foreign students in a gymnasium in Wuhan, Hubei province.

  • Sotheby's NY holds Chinese art works exhibition

    2012-03-20 14:37

    Chinese ceramics and works of art were under the spotlight as New York Asia Week kicked off to celebrate the remarkable realm of Asian art, antiques and design.

  • Confucius Spring memorial held

    2012-03-20 10:54

    People donning ancient Chinese costumes pay tribute to Confucius (551BC - 479BC), a Chinese thinker and social philosopher, at a temple in Zhengding county, Hebei province, March 17, 2012.

  • The man behind Mei Lanfang's operatic throne

    2012-03-19 11:17

    Peking Opera theorist Liang Yan, with a doctorate in traditional theater studies, has determined who the man behind Mei Lanfang and his tour of the United States was.

  • Mixing it up to add pizzazz

    2012-03-16 10:07

    PoloArts Entertainment Company CEO Wang Xiang will never forget stumbling upon a pile of Kunqu Opera tapes in the office Neil Mundy about 10 years ago in London.