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  • Dumpling tales and traditions

    2012-06-25 09:40

    Almost all Chinese festivals are linked to foods, and many have stories behind them. The origin of zongzi is most often linked to Qu Yuan.

  • Traditional ties that bind

    2012-06-25 09:32

    For those Chinese live in other countries, Duanwu is a yearly tradition. Pauline D. Loh explores the links between heart and home.

  • Splendid cheongsams displayed at museum in Hangzhou

    2012-06-21 16:25

    An exhibition of the cheongsam, was held at China Silk Museum in Hangzhou, capital of east China's Zhejiang Province, June 20, 2012.

  • Rare relics exhibition opens in Xi'an

    2012-06-21 16:13

    A new exhibition displaying rare cultural relics unearthed in Anyang, in Central China's Henan province, opened at the Shaanxi History Museum.

  • Qu Yuan's hometown marks upcoming Dragon Boat Festival

    2012-06-21 15:13

    Qu Yuan's hometown marks upcoming Dragon Boat Festival

  • Traditional Japanese cultural exhibition held

    2012-06-20 16:35

    A traditional Japanese cultural exhibition was held in Shenyang, capital of northeast China's Liaoning rovince, June 3, 2012.

  • Crosstalker Guo hosts new variety show

    2012-06-20 15:46

    Big time crosstalk performer Guo Degang will host a new variety talk show on, one of China's leading online video websites.

  • Designing history

    2012-06-20 09:37

    The man who led the construction of Mao Zedong's final resting place reveals his secret mission's details.

  • Cultural investment system takes shape

    2012-06-19 14:47

    The investment and financial system of China's cultural and creative industries has taken shape, Ministry of Culture official Liu Yuzhu says.

  • Mystery of Majestic man

    2012-06-18 16:49

    A mysterious bronze statue in Sanxingdui Museum near Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, has attracted droves of fascinated visitors.

  • Taiwan's food, heritage on show at Xiamen fair

    2012-06-18 15:20

    Xiamen locals can experience food, handicrafts and other cultural heritage from Taiwan at a street fair that opened on June 15.

  • Folk artists get due honor

    2012-06-15 10:26

    For the first time, folk craftsmen and artists from all over China have received national recognition for passing down their traditions.