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Chen Weihua

Chen Weihua is the Chief Washington Correspondent of China Daily and Deputy Editor of China Daily USA. He has a particular focus on US politics and US-China relations.

Abe's actions an inauspicious start to year

[2014-01-03 08:18]

Japan's attitude toward its heinous World War II history has long caused tension with its two main neighbors, China and the Republic of Korea.

Room in 'elevator' for emerging economies

[2013-12-21 07:53]

I have heard some pundits in US, such as Edward Luttwak, a military strategist, describing fast-growing China as a fat man entering an elevator.

Year of Snowden and his revelations

[2013-12-13 07:00]

There is no doubt in my mind that former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden should have been Time magazine's Person of the Year in 2013.

Careful handling better than knee-jerks

[2013-12-06 07:19]

The debate is a solemn reminder that major countries, such as China and the United States, must improve how they handle their differences.

Changes come with greater understanding

[2013-11-29 07:02]

I have more confidence that the tensions between China and the US can be substantially defused with more people-to-people exchanges.

Rice should point finger at the US

[2013-11-22 07:20]

US National Security Advisor Susan Rice should reflect on the actions of her own government before pointing her finger at others.

US spying activities are out of control

[2013-11-18 07:01]

If Obama truly feels that a lot of what NSA has been doing is wrong and should be stopped, he should thank Snowden for helping to expose these activities.

Rebalancing puts brake on better relations

[2013-11-08 08:18]

The US rebalancing to the Asia-Pacific has unsettled relations with China, and distrust between the two countries has deepened.

A different view outside Washington

[2013-10-25 07:04]

There is no doubt that the best way to dismiss such concerns is deepening cooperation and exchanges at sub-national and people-to-people levels.

US averts default but not trust deficit

[2013-10-19 08:25]

Although the US has averted a debt default at the last minute, it has not been able to avoid damage to its credibility.

Switching to a win-win mindset

[2013-10-11 07:23]

Xi and Obama pledged to defy historical rivalry that has plagued relations between a rising power and the existing power and seek a win-win situation.

Obama's argument deeply flawed

[2013-09-27 07:01]

Obama was furious that he had not received support both at home and abroad for his planned military action against Syria.

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