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Chen Weihua

Chen Weihua is the Chief Washington Correspondent of China Daily and Deputy Editor of China Daily USA. He has a particular focus on US politics and US-China relations.

Postponing pride parade a no-brainer

[2010-06-29 07:44]

Late June has for long been celebrated as the gay pride week across quite a few cities to mark the famous Stonewall Riots that took place on June 28, 1969, in a bar in Greenwich Village of New York City.

Newsweek bid premature move

[2010-06-22 07:00]

Southern Daily Group's bid for Newsweek magazine was a good try. It was a premature effort that was doomed to fail. An early rejection by Newsweek's owner Washington Post Co was not entirely unexpected.

Pay hike won't bring back US jobs

[2010-06-17 06:48]

A hike in minimum wages following high-profile labor strikes at Honda plants and suicides at Foxconn factories in China have prompted some Americans to think that this latest development will help bring jobs back to the United States.

Soccer mania in China limited to TV

[2010-06-15 07:27]

Many people think Americans hate soccer. That was mostly true years or a decade ago.

Don't turn blind eye to domestic pollution

[2010-06-08 06:46]

The oil spill caused by petroleum behemoth BP has evoked anger and protests across the United States, from ordinary citizens living in cities along the Gulf of Mexico to President Barack Obama.

Street fairs, vendors make city better

[2010-06-01 07:48]

One of the delights of living in New York is to take a leisurely walk watching street fairs and festivals on weekends.

Political will vital to apply smoke ban

[2010-05-25 06:55]

The 2008 Beijing Olympics and the ongoing Shanghai World Expo are splendid events that gain face for China on the global stage. Yet, the nation might lose face big time for not adhering to its pledge of banning smoking in public.

Drones launched from your backyard

[2010-05-18 07:50]

I never realized I was so close to the war zone in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border until I went to Syracuse in upstate New York a week ago.

Zest for learning makes China great

[2010-05-11 07:53]

Over the past three decades, China has looked to the West, mainly for investment, new technology and management practices that helped to transform its economy.

Shanghai a world-class city? Please.

[2010-05-04 07:58]

With the grandiose World Expo newly unveiled, Shanghai seems to be telling the world that it has everything every major international city has.

A lesson for this nation's rich and famous

[2010-04-27 07:32]

After taking a ride on the Miss Freedom ferry with 200 other passengers to Ellis Island in New York last week, legendary entrepreneur Lee Iacocca and business tycoon Peter Peterson were sitting on a hard bench near the gate, looking after every man and woman as they disembarked.

Reflecting on Earth Day for the nation

[2010-04-20 07:38]

If China needs to import more to balance its foreign trade, oil, raw materials, jumbo jets and luxury sedans should never dominate its shopping list.

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