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Chen Weihua

Chen Weihua is the Chief Washington Correspondent of China Daily and Deputy Editor of China Daily USA. He has a particular focus on US politics and US-China relations.

Reclaiming moral ground key to nation

[2011-11-01 08:05]

Chinese traveling abroad three decades ago were often amazed by how modern the outside world was - everything from skyscrapers and highways to cars and home appliances.

China bashing is bad campaign politics

[2011-10-21 08:05]

Just a few months ago, it was Donald Trump screaming on TV screens every night accusing China of ripping off the United States.

Learning is a two-way process

[2011-10-14 07:56]

For more than three decades, China has looked up to and learnt from the West in its drive to catch up with the rest of the world. Quite a few even believe that the country has everything to learn from the West while the West has nothing to learn from China.

US media blackout of protest is shameful

[2011-09-30 08:17]

One of the best-kept secrets in the United States over the past two weeks seems to be the protest on and near Wall Street in New York.

Blame corporate America, not China's workers

[2011-09-23 07:55]

The protest occurring near Wall Street in New York has gotten a little wild, with police making arrests of lawbreakers.

Let's wage war on tainted food

[2011-09-19 08:04]

In China, the kind of fear people feel is much more subtle and much less bloody. It occurs when people shop in wet markets and grocery stores or eat in restaurants or at food stands.

Sept 11, remembrance and reassessment

[2011-09-09 07:54]

It is proper for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to urge people on Tuesday to call the place known as Ground Zero by its new name: The World Trade Center and the National September 11th Memorial and Museum.

Horn of Africa a test of conscience

[2011-09-02 07:59]

In a meeting on the humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa (HOA) held at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, participants got so angry that they did not even feel the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that struck part of the East Coast.

On course for environmental disaster

[2011-08-30 08:10]

A US golf expert interviewed by one of my colleagues predicted that China will turn out a top world player in the next decade.

US should weigh up one vital change

[2011-08-23 07:25]

What do the United States, Liberia and Myanmar have in common?

Backpack makes a good impression

[2011-08-17 08:19]

Judging from the comments of Chinese netizens the most impressive thing about Gary Locke, the new US ambassador to China, was that he and his family walked out of Beijing Capital International Airport on Friday night carrying their own bags.

Offensive political ads sow seeds of hate

[2011-08-09 07:46]

The hostilities and scare tactics in US politics, fully exhibited in the battle over a debt deal and the early sparring in the 2012 presidential race, are so eye-popping that many people may have overlooked an innocent casualty of the fight.

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