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Chen Weihua

Chen Weihua is the Chief Washington Correspondent of China Daily and Deputy Editor of China Daily USA. He has a particular focus on US politics and US-China relations.

Let tempers flare for a pleasant world

[2009-08-18 07:53]

I saw a young man crossing the street the other day when a left-turning Mini Cooper stopped abruptly, just inches away from him. The man, clearly upset, paused in front of the car before proceeding to furiously kick the front end.

Restore a past that was really glamorous

[2009-08-14 07:45]

If communities were rated like movies, my area in Shanghai's Luwan district would be rated PG (parental guidance) or R (restricted).

Animal cruelty law not acceptable

[2009-08-11 07:46]

The proposal by some Shanghai regional legislators to regulate pet animals seems to be not so much an issue about dog biting man, but rather men and women biting or barking at dogs.

Income disclosure is vital to nation

[2009-08-04 07:55]

The most anticipated law, by the public at present, is probably one on the income and asset disclosure by public officials. Sadly, such a law - periodically mooted over the last 20 years in the National People's Congress - has not materialized.

Second child not right population recipe

[2009-07-28 07:52]

Shanghai's announcement on encouraging couples who have no siblings to have a second child is sending a wrong signal.

Law not a silver bullet for our problems

[2009-07-21 07:55]

People in the two rival cities of Shanghai and Beijing now have something common to talk about.

Expo should say no to tobacco money

[2009-07-14 07:44]

For Shanghai, organizer of the World Expo 2010, the good and bad come together.

Que Jingde: Just the first of many

[2009-07-07 07:45]

Among that lifted from beneath the rubble of the collapsed 13-storey apartment block in Shanghai's Minhang district on June 27 is a shroud of secrecy.

No more secrecy on sex in cyber era

[2009-06-30 07:54]

Teachers of a Nanjing children's camp coming to teach sex education to kids in Shanghai this summer must be puzzled about what to say now that some major websites and search engines have been charged with spreading pornographic information.

Even street beggars corrupt moral standards

[2009-06-23 15:20]

Most people don't hesitate to help strangers asking for directions. But, not in Shanghai these days.

Shanghai turning its back on poor

[2009-06-20 08:05]

Two new regulations made public in Shanghai this week could be best interpreted as an effort to make the country's biggest metropolis less welcome to the underprivileged and less affluent.

Let people decide on Green Dam

[2009-06-13 07:05]

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's latest regulation to preinstall filtering software on all new computers by July 1 has triggered public concern, anger and protest.

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