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Chen Weihua

Chen Weihua is the Chief Washington Correspondent of China Daily and Deputy Editor of China Daily USA. He has a particular focus on US politics and US-China relations.

Money talks in US presidential race

[2012-08-11 07:47]

The Occupy Wall Street protest last year was against money in politics. It is not difficult to figure why if you have been following the 2012 US presidential campaign.

Gold medal for public participation

[2012-08-04 07:48]

Watching Chinese weightlifter Wu Jingbiao burst into painful tears, and bow and apologize in front of cameras at the London Olympic Games was nothing but heartbreaking.

A tale of summer in two cities

[2012-07-27 08:06]

Like many Shanghainese, summer is not my favorite season, given the prolonged hot and sultry days I have endured in the city.However,summer has been my favorite season in the Big Apple.

The big profits made in the USA

[2012-07-21 08:01]

I hope when the Team USA parades in the opening ceremony in London next Friday, Americans feel proud of the athletes in their uniforms.

Candidates happy to play the blame game

[2012-07-13 08:09]

We all know Mitt Romney, the 2012 US Republican presidential candidate, is saying that if he wins the election he will get tough on China from his first day in office.

Labor rights make a world of difference

[2012-07-06 08:03]

Brazil ranks second in the world for its number of lawyers per capita, only the United States has more. Now I know why.

Regain pride of being the bike kingdom

[2012-06-29 08:09]

China should take great pride in once being the biggest bicycle kingdom in the world and it's time to regain that past glory.

The start of bottom-up governance

[2012-06-25 08:04]

It is certainly not the kind of future most people want as leaders are not willing to be committed to major actions required for the sustainable development of human beings on Earth.

Future will be the one we make now

[2012-06-15 07:49]

I am very excited about my first trip to Brazil, partly because I can finally practice the Portuguese I have been studying for the past few months.

Obama's 'Whac-A-Mole' approach abhorrent

[2012-06-09 07:58]

Obama's unusual silence about the list is possibly because the Senate is proposing to hold hearings on the leaking of "classified information".

US politicians playing a foolish game

[2012-06-01 08:07]

People in China get upset by the China-bashing rhetoric of people like Mitt Romney, who won the Republican presidential nomination on Tuesday, or the celebrity businessman, Donald Trump.

Too long a wait for financial disclosure

[2012-05-18 08:06]

The financial disclosures of public officials have made the headlines in both China and the United States this week.

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