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Chen Weihua

Chen Weihua is the Chief Washington Correspondent of China Daily and Deputy Editor of China Daily USA. He has a particular focus on US politics and US-China relations.

Fine we're no longer poor, but why waste?

[2009-06-06 08:10]

All signs these days point toward the fact that I live in a rich country.

Learn from landmark court case

[2009-05-30 08:00]

On March 25, Hu Xingdou, a professor of economics at the Beijing Institute of Technology, received an email from his Internet service provider, the Beijing Xin Net.

Tall buildings are a growing nuisance

[2009-05-23 08:40]

Shanghai's Taikang Road, a community of small alleys dotted with cafs, teahouses, galleries and boutique stores on either side, is the perfect place to break away from the city's concrete jungle.

Could it be a revenge on journalists?

[2009-05-16 07:55]

Those who embarrass authorities here will have to pay the price. It's crystal clear.

Dry clothes in the open, it's green

[2009-05-09 07:42]

Today, we are so dependant on electric appliances that drying our washed clothes in the sun is probably the greenest thing we do.

Hazy car culture erodes green Earth

[2009-04-25 08:07]

If green is the new gold for many people in the world, the favorite color in Shanghai would be anything that is hazy, like the obscure sky in the city.

Reflection on May Day for the nation

[2009-04-18 08:02]

Many people are planning for the May Day, or International Labor Day holidays, and yet few are thinking of or even know the origin of the festival - the tough fight by US workers for eight-hour workdays and massive strikes like those in Chicago in the late 19th century.

Don't want to be born a rural child

[2009-04-11 08:13]

My daughter has kept sighing in the past week about what it means to be born a rural girl. We have been traveling across the vast mountainous countryside in Fujian province, meeting farmers picking tealeaves and hakka people dwelling in 500-year-old round earth buildings, which American spy satellites in the 1980s suspected to be giant missile-launch sites.

Qingming, a time to celebrate life

[2009-04-04 10:56]

I hadn't lost someone very close to me until three years back, when my mentor, Bill Woo, a great journalist and professor, died in California.His lectures in class, the pages of his book - Letters to the Editor, published after his death - are etched in my memory forever.

'I love China' ads are ridiculous

[2009-03-28 09:35]

Eyesores on Shanghai streets are common. The worst one is, "I love China."

From hero to zero, why Cai?

[2009-03-21 08:05]

Till three weeks ago, he was called a patriot, considered a national hero. Today, he is derided as an irrational and untrustworthy man, who embarrassed the Chinese the world over.

Public apathy emboldens criminals

[2009-03-14 07:46]

I am ashamed of myself for being a bad runner. Two thieves I was chasing left me farther and farther behind, and ultimately vanished from sight. It happened last Monday after the two men stole a bag from an intern when some colleagues were having lunch in Shanghai's Yan'an Park and enjoying the first sunny day in about two weeks.

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