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Chen Weihua

Chen Weihua is the Chief Washington Correspondent of China Daily and Deputy Editor of China Daily USA. He has a particular focus on US politics and US-China relations.

Losing sight of the huge watermelon

[2010-01-12 06:49]

Jiang Haisong, a 28-year-old Chinese doctoral student at Rutgers University in northeastern United States, won't easily forget the recent kiss he had with his girlfriend.

Krugman's ominous greeting unfounded

[2010-01-05 07:45]

A Nobel laureate must have some unconventional wisdom. That unconventional wisdom in Paul Krugman's omninous New Year greeting to the Chinese on Dec 31 in The New York Times has confounded many ordinary people like me.

Wiping out ruthless home demolition

[2009-12-29 07:52]

A friend of mine recently blogged about the inadequate compensation for her parents' three-story house soon to be demolished by a town government in Fujian province. Comments left by readers were mostly of scorn and outrage at the local government. Many suggest the author should fight for her parents' rights.

US still lacks in power of its examples

[2009-12-22 07:33]

It would be a sheer lie for world leaders to say they are happy with the Copenhagen climate accord. Many of them only reluctantly signed the toothless declaration last Friday.

No distraction from green revolution

[2009-12-15 06:39]

Unfortunately, the calls from Obama, Gore and Friedman have not drawn as much attention in the US as the Climate-gate emails and other issues such as high unemployment, an escalating war in Afghanistan or Tiger Woods' indefinite break from golf.

Infotainment makes us less informed

[2009-12-08 07:22]

If you think TV news programs keep you informed of the latest developments in the world, or even make you smarter, you could be making a huge mistake.

Hard journey for Chinese investment in US

[2009-12-04 07:37]

Many Chinese companies have been cashing in on a weak US dollar and stepping up their presence in the US mergers and acquisition (M&A) market in fields ranging from automobiles and oilfields to real estate. The path of snatching up inexpensive assets and operating them successfully is expected to be rocky, yet ultimately rewarding.

China beats US in green shopping bags

[2009-12-01 08:11]

New York might consider itself the fashion capital of the world, yet it's surely not as fashionable as Shanghai or many other Chinese cities when it comes to shopping bags.

Patriotism not to be reduced to slogans

[2009-11-24 07:25]

Right next to our office building on 43rd Street in Manhattan is a place where people call themselves the Midtown Mob. Its red gate is often closed.

No China bashing, all eyes on cooperation

[2009-11-17 07:52]

The seminar on climate change with a focus on China held at the Asia Society in New York last week was quite a surprise. With top US experts on climate change and several prominent scholars on China, such as Orville Schell, Jerome Cohen, Barbara Finamore and Andrew Nathan in attendance, I was expecting an onslaught on China.

In New York City, China is far yet near

[2009-11-10 08:37]

I moved from Shanghai to New York a week ago.It did feel like being in the Big Apple with our office on the 43rd Street near Fifth Avenue surrounded by the New York Public Library, the Bank of America Tower and Bryant Park...

Mission for the nation and the world

[2009-11-03 07:59]

A sense of mission and responsibility for the nation and humanity must sound like a clich to some Chinese these days as materialism and hedonism prevail among sections of our society.

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