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Chen Weihua

Chen Weihua is the Chief Washington Correspondent of China Daily and Deputy Editor of China Daily USA. He has a particular focus on US politics and US-China relations.

Bids to rein in watchdog set to backfire

[2009-10-27 07:40]

It's no surprise for governments anywhere in the world not to enjoy the watchdog role of the press, but those as daring as the one in Dongguan of South China's Guangdong province are few and far between.

Let truth be told in real and virtual world

[2009-10-20 10:05]

I have read and heard countless stories lately about how subordinate officials and employees are unwilling to tell the truth for fear of retribution, such as offending their bosses and jeopardizing their career.

Defending the case for human sympathy

[2009-10-13 07:46]

Shanghai's Minhang district made a name three months ago for the collapse of a newly built 13-storey apartment building. Now it has become a battleground for human sympathy against the power abuse by a local law enforcement team.

Factors adding up to big, detrimental GDP

[2009-09-29 07:27]

Three months ago I wrote about the excavation of a sidewalk outside my apartment compound by a sewage company. It was once again dug up a week ago by a cable business...

Of Shanghai women and their traits

[2009-09-25 08:27]

To many Chinese men around the country, Shanghai women have remained a mystery that is both bewitching and confounding.

Government transparency is the best policy

[2009-09-22 08:11]

Shanghai has drawn a lot of eyeballs lately for its proposal to restrict public servants from going into business after leaving office.

Tinkering with the tobacco regulations

[2009-09-15 07:54]

Shanghai is once again toying with the idea of implementing a citywide smoking ban.

Of Shanghai and its culture of embrace

[2009-09-11 07:46]

Haipai, the pride of us native Shanghai people, is often misunderstood and sometimes scorned by outsiders, including those from other Chinese cities. A young woman friend, for instance, finds our haipai, or Shanghai style, just too "unaccommodating."

First-grader's words a siren on corruption

[2009-09-08 08:00]

Like the boy in Hans Christian Andersen's The Emperor's New Clothes, the words of a six-year-old girl in Guangzhou last week has shocked many in the nation into deep reflection.

Migrant children also need schools to study

[2009-09-03 07:46]

The new semester beginning this week brings more joy to many migrant workers and their children in Shanghai as local authorities have officially listed their schools as private-run educational institutions.

Dishonesty now as a social epidemic

[2009-09-01 07:53]

The fuss and fury over plagiarized dissertations found among students and professors came much as a surprise in our society. Since such fraud is pervasive in every aspect of our social life, most people have taken it for granted for too long.

The bare truth about official degrees

[2009-08-25 08:02]

In a country where a number of senior government leaders hold a master's or doctorate degree, newly-appointed Suzhou Party secretary Jiang Hongkun's on-the-job junior college diploma looks sheepishly lackluster at first glance.

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